February 9th, 2008

maze, baphomet, technomancy

Baphomet's Throne

Description: This Egyptian-themed representation harkens back to the first archetypal manifestation of Baphomet as Amon, the Goat / Ram-headed god of fertility, physical and mental. Both sigil versions are included herein super-imposed. The black obelisks which frame this Infernal Throne also act as light houses illuminating the world with undefiled wisdom. The Egyptian heiroglyphs and Enochian characters assert the nature of The Self as God absolute and Supreme.


Some Satanic Manifestations in The Material World...

The Satanic Presence can be visually present by viewing such dominant masses like airplanes, mammoth trucks, trains, mountains, canyons. deep valleys, caves, lightning, thunder, torrents, rivers, waterfalls, durigables, submarines, whales, sharks... whatever may inspire a sense of awe and wonder:

SATAN {Fire}

"Fire in the sky": Satan in conjunction with Lucifer, which in turn may split a tree asunder, or strike buildings or people, and/or in turn igniting a forest fire to clear away brush purifying the environment for fresh growth. Thunder also invokes a sense of awe and invigoration, while in the common 'normals', fear.

The Storm itself is a manifestation of Satanic Forces - wind, rain, fog, tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, avalanches...

A man-made manifestation may be seen with a flame thrower, a bomb, the nuclear mushroom cloud; from a raging bale fire to the burning flame on a candle. Electricity as Satan {Abraxas}, coursing through appliances and electrical instruments; Satan in conjunction to manifest Lucifer {light}, to sulphur in a match and the flame of a lighter.


Such man-made wonders as 747 airplanes*, the stealth bomber, the Concord {which even resembles a bird of prey}, zeppelins, durigables, warplanes, hellicopters, jet fighters.

Animals: All animals are inherently Satanic in their part within the animal kingdom and food chain; but unlike prey which provide food for predators, besides evolutionary development, prey look the way they do to attract the predators, some are more aesthetically blatant in the appearance as hunters. Birds of prey for instance: eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, ravens, crows, and even the bat, vulture, condor, and buzzard.

BELIAL {Earth}

Locations: Places such as those attributed as 'the seven wonders of the world', The Grand Canyon, Devil;'s Tower, Stonehenge, Chitzen Itza, the Egyptian Pyramids, are some examples. Haunted Houses, particularly of Victorian and Gothic architecture, and cemeteries. Structures demonstrating the Law of The Trapezoid {see The Devil's Notebook}

Animals: Lions, tigers, bears, panthers, cheetahs, wolves, the fox, snakes, scorpions, alligators, crocodiles, even dinosaurs and insects such as spiders, the preying mantis, to house cats and dogs, which are many times one's familiars and demonic counterparts. Behemoths such as elephants, hippos, the rhinosaurus, even the legends of sasquatch and yeti, which inspire fear and wonder.

Man-Made Wonders: Trains, trucks, {particularly of the 'Mack' variety}, certain automobiles such as Dr. LaVey's coffin-nosed Chord, hearses, even the characterizations of the Bat Mobile, the Munsters' car, the Dragula, the car from the film 'The Car', KITT from Knight Rider, Novas, Mustangs, Magnums, Cadillacs, whatever models inspire The Lighthouse Effect.


Submarines, Destroyers, titanic cruise liners.

Animals: Sharks, octupi & squid {Leviathan / Kraken / Cthulhu}, whales, the sting ray {aqua bats}, and even the legends of Lochness, Ogopogo, and Champ.

* Numerologically: 7+4+7=18 / 1+8=9