February 6th, 2008

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Circumcision & Satanism: An Oxymoron

Health & Sexuality

Circumcision & Satanism: An Oxymoron
By Nergle Rumpleforeskin

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it." - Ancient Redneck proverb.

From a Satanic perspective, the question of circumcision is obvious. Therefore, there is no pertinent question, at least on a religious and philosophical level. Should a Satanist become circumcised? Of course not, what's the point?

The word "circumcision" comes from the Latin 'circum' (meaning "around") and 'cædere' (meaning "to cut"). The rite of circumcision originated with Islam and Judaism, called "Bris Milah" {Hebrew: "covenant of circumcision"}, as a sacrifice to 'God', symbolizing allegiance to Jehovah / Allah, dedicating the genitals to said 'God', only being used in accordance with Mosaic Law, i.e., only within the context of 'holy matrimony', for the sole purpose of reproduction. But why cut off a good thing?

In an additional modern variant come two prominent arguments, to both justify and condemn circumcision:

1. "Uncircumcised penises are "dirty."

Just like any other body part that may germinate, it's nothing that some soap and water can't cleanse, with some lotion and powder used, if desired. A small price to pay for the naturally heightened sensitivity uncircumcised penises enjoy. After all, the foreskin itself is there to protect the sensitive glans from harm or discomfort from foreign objects, just as the pubic hair cushions the pubic mound, or 'mons pubis.'

As for any so-called odor, remember, in the animal kingdom, olfactory stimulus is necessary to attract the opposite sex {as in pheromones}, and mark territorial boundaries. As the female humanimal may allow for a latent odor {see The Satanic Witch} to subtly pervaid the atmosphere, subconsciously stimulating the male, so may the male counterpart magnify the sexual response.

It should be understood, however, that the scents are better appreciated when fresh, from clean skin rather than from amassed bacterial deposits. For the pheromones may be actually overwhelmed by unpleasant odors of bacterial residue, and of course, smothered in overdoses of deoderant and heavy cologne.

With the common-sense practice of hygene as well as social consideration, any overbearing smells may be contained to appropriate levels, thus making them work for you, not against.

Any offense leveled against an uncircumcised penis is the fault of the slob who doesn't keep himself presentable.

2. "Uncircumcised penises look 'funny', or 'weird'."

That is purely a matter of perception. If it looks "funny" or "weird" to a girl, she must have had her nose in quite a few porno magazines! Or seen too many porno movies! Just like clothing fashion, the physical accoutrements on a pornographic performer are at the particular specifications of the casting director, and of course from there, the herd are told what to like and dislike. I know a few girls who love foreskins, and enjoy playing with them accordingly. As a matter of fact, I've heard one succulent succubus say that a man without one is incomplete. It's obvious what HER fetish is!

Ultimately, it is how a penis FEELS rather than how it looks that is important.

There have been some reports that circumcising a penis will inhibit its full potential in length and sensitivity. Some men have stated that the glans is painfully ultra-sensitive for a few weeks after the operation, then lessening to a point below normal, than when they were uncircumcised. Why risk it?

Fortunately, those who have been circumcised now have the option of having their foreskins restored by simply employing a stretching effect via a weight attached to the remaining skin, at which point the foreskin gradually accomadates over the glans.

Finally, if this be the petty criterion by which someone is considering circumcision, then it seems like they are already programmed and circumcised from the neck up! And you know what that makes them! So don't mutilate yourself under pretention, but instead be content how Satan 'made you', for Nature has a purpose for everything.

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Orgasms, Cigarettes, & Longevity

Orgasms, Cigarettes, & Longevity
By Draconis Blackthorne

It has been studied that smoking supposedly curtails one's life span, whether it be from the development of cancer, and/or strain upon the heart. Excessive, or "chain smoking", for a prolonged amount of time can make a body more prone to related diseases. The key word here is EXCESSIVE. If one chooses to smoke it is like any other indulgence partaken of, so long as it does not impede one's sustainance. The key word now is MODERATION. As far as ingesting intoxicants, for I never heard of anyone perishing from too much healthy sex, the key word here is HEALTHY. Obviously, indulging in sexual intercourse with someone infected with an STD is irresponsible, suicidal, and just plain stupid. The key word is RESPONSIBLE, as in "responsibility to the responsible."

There is absolutely no reason why you should not satisfy ALL of your fetishes to the fullest within the law, and perhaps find some new ones along the way, once you have found that ideal partner of your fantasies, animate or not. Until such time, a fetish in the chamber is worth one in the bedroom. Fetish for Fetish. The depiction of the couple lighting up a cigarette after sex, for instance, has some meaning. Hypothetically, if smoking depletes a life span, then I contend that orgasms prolong it. In other words, you break even. Depending upon how many orgasms you have, the supposed detrimental effects of smoking is surpassed.

Tribes in Africa have long since practiced a cleansing process known as "blood-letting", when ailments from headaches to the flu afflict the body, in which a reasonable superficial hole is punctured about the afflicted area, the blood being allowed to flow therefrom, the idea being to release the malady. This is the Witch Doctor's ritual enacted for centuries with great success. More often than not, his patients were relieved of their afflictions.

The curative powers of orgasm work along the same premise. Although the supposed wonderful benefits of "sexual healing" as explained in that old book claims to sustain the emotions, it is actually EJACULATION which alleviates the body. Being that the westerner's apprehension of bloodshed is as it is {which is why slasher films, uncensored news footage videos, and Vampires hold such a fascination}, because of residue from blindlight-sheltered ignorance, and right wing censorship, it is no surprise bloodletting is considered disgusting and barbaric in "gentile" {or "genteel"} societies. Such are "kiss thy neighbor's hindquarters as you would have them kiss yours" {in a negative sense, that is} stunting effects, shielding anyone who adhered to their opiates of ignorance from real life.

So now, with this under-current of alternative thought {read: Satanic} cresting nowadays, new generations of society are trying to keep up. The same goes with sex. With the exception of a few pockets of underground cultures}, the masses have primarily subsisted on the usual stale manna. Now, thanks to strides in Sexology and a certain liber noir, fetishes do not hold the modern populace in such a restrictive vice. They are recognized as natural, healthy activities now. Little did anyone know just HOW healthy!

During the passions of orgasm, a certain percentage of blood is released through the seminal fluid, thus making it an enjoyable bloodletting indeed! Sans the pain. There is a sort of "purification" which occurs in the recuperation process, as the body builds new blood cells, plus endorphins ebb throughout the brain, as adrenaline courses throughout the overall system, bringing the body to its maximum vital state, thus enhancing the healing process altogether.

The orgasm cannot only counteract detriments caused by nicotine, but also alcohol, narcotics, and even the common cold. Countering a negative with a positive. If, however, you intoxicate yourself more than you release, then you would have a problem. Drinking plenty of water also aids the body in the purification process - about a 12-ounce glass of water or cranberry juice per cigarette, cup of alcohol, or the ingestion of narcotics, helps to alleviate detriments. The cranberry juice is actually an anti-toxin, which also helps with sobering up and alleviates hangovers.

Even from another study on the longevity of smokers vs. non-smokers, and who develops diseases, whether genetic or acquired, it has been calculated that a mere 10% of smokers who do smoke regularly, never acquire a smoking-related ailment whatsoever. This is because of moderation, living active, productive lifestyles exercising at least once a week. You should ask yourself if you smoke more than you culminate or exercise? Drink more?

Whatever the case may be, it is just wise to employ moderation when indulging, unless it is sex. Which not only provides with the necessary release, but also provides with a great cardio-vascular exercise workout as well. This combined with the training schedule provided in The Satanic Art of Bodybuilding, longevity and health is assured, and you may continue to indulge guiltlessly and fearlessly, with some additional wisdom to boot.