December 13th, 2007


The 666th Sense

The 666th Sense: The realization that one's intuition/s and occult perception derives from one's primal humanimal nature within, developed through evolution, adherence, and practice from the dark subconscious mind, sometimes stimulated and sharpened by the psychodramatic experience {as in ritual / ceremony}, and the concentration upon iconography; not by any conscious external origin. Not a "gift" from any "god", but an inlain, inherent ability nascent within The Self, and is part of the Nature of The Beast. - Dractionary.

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    Book: Man and His Symbols by Carl Gustav Jung
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Devilutions: Oddness...

For whatever reason, at one point, in about the 5th grade, I briefly had the peculiar propensity of taking kite string to doorways at school, arranging it in spider web-like designs, which only lasted a couple of weeks.

I remember making "god's eyes" from colored yarn and two crossing sticks, to lanyards in camp, but never anything like this.

Since then, I have become aware that there are now a couple of Halloween activity sources which mention using kite string to construct such a design, much later and after the fact. In addition, it would also be an interesting decorative idea to perhaps tie colored lights to this design, and effectively create a "Yule Web", as it were, if so inclined. - Devilutions: The Dracling.