November 27th, 2007


Like Father, Like Son...

Another amusing recollection:

One day I was asked to accompany some acquaintances to a concert wherein the band "Autograph" was performing for a film called "Like Father, Like Son" starring Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron, which was about the two exchanging places via mind transferrance. Now, I did not necessarily listen to this type of what I consider 'pop metal'; at the time, preferring much harder types of music such as Venom, Slayer, Bathory, Possessed, King Diamond, and Celtic Frost, but being that it was mentioned on metal radio station KNAC, I decided to go anyway just for the hell of it, considering there were other forms of indulgence in the equation.

I believe I can be seen in the audience just about at 1:03. This is the band's video of the concert, with additional footage in the film.

Cameron was present with his female co-actress towards the rear of the hall.

So in another one of those 'two degrees of seperation' dynamics, Kirk Cameron would go on to co-host a christian propaganda infomercial program called "Way of The Master", wherein one of the shows eventually covered the topic of Satanism, with an interview with Jack Malebranche.


Alice, Sweet Alice

Alice, Sweet Alice
{X A.S. A.K.A., 'Communion', 'Holy Terror'. Directed by Alfred Sole. Written by Rosemary Ritvo, Alfred Sole. Starring Linda Miller, Mildred Clinton, Paula E. Sheppard, Alice Spages, Niles McMaster,, Jane Lowry, Rudolph Willrich, Michael Hardstark, Alphonso DeNoble, Gary Allen, Brooke Shields. Genre: Horror}

[Warning: review contains spoilers]

Opening to a scene of a frantically praying shrouded figure, a crucifix wielding a glistening blade is displayed, appropriately introducing this disturbing tale of blindlight insanity.

This film seems to convey a message that those who do not, or in some cases, cannot, because of doctrinal perfidy, receive 'holy communion' are intrinsically "evil" and psychotic. In the case of Alice, being born out of wedlock, despite her desire to do so, she is denied time and time again through a series of strange circumstances, as well as Mrs. Tredoni, who along with Alice's mother Mrs. Spages, lost her daughter on the day of her first communion. She believes the so-called 'sins' of parents are 'payed for' by their children. Mrs. Tredoni is now the caretaker of an ailing priest.

Alice is a troubled girl with a mentally-disturbed history who does not receive the same attention as her younger sibling Karen, who is treated like a veritable princess, wherein her resentment eventually builds to lethal proportions, dispatching her on communion day within the very church by strangulation and immolation, which yields to a scene of utter terror amongst the congregation. There's a sniveling nun who witnesses some of the events, but is too cowardly to intervene.

Alice preserves several special remnants of her exploits in her private space in the cellar within a trunk, wherein right before an act of revenge, lights a candle and ceremoniously attires herself in a yellow raincoat and doll mask, armed with a butcher knife.

An Obese aleurophile named 'Mr. Alphonso' curiously resides in the same building, who harmlessly spends his time caring for his cats and listening to opera, becomes the subject of obnoxious ridicule for Alice, as she routinely pokes fun at this girth, probably transferring her problematic animosities onto him. Encounters between the two are less than amiable, at one point escalating into a tense argument wherein she is cornered and accosted.

When Alice attacks Aunt Annie, she is committed for psychological observation, yet the murders continue. When Mrs. Spage's ex-husband comes around, the circumstances bring them together wherein they indulge in sex {now being divorced, a Catholic no-no, compounded with what is now considered 'fornication' on her part, and 'adultery' on his, being re-married}, Mrs. Tredoni suffers from 'Crusader Syndrome', presumptuously taking it upon herself to self-righteously 'punish' these "sinners", while also dressed in this raincoat / mask combination.

The fact that both wear the same killer outfit seems more of a symbolic display, that both she and Alice share the same mental 'condition' in common. And so, when Mrs. Tredoni acts out as well, the legacy of psychosis leads to more bloody deaths, including that of Mr. Alphonso and Mr, Spages {whose autopsy contains a very interesting clue}.

The callous, dispassionate manner of these murders is notable in contrast to the demented 'spiritual' motive of the killer, very well displayed in the crazed gaze of Tredoni. Where Alice killed through reasons of an excessive need for attention and over-exagerrated revenge, gaining her a feeling of satisfaction, Tredoni kills through a hysterical religious notion and misplaced regret, ironically resulting in the butchery of one of her very own shepherds. And the 'divine madness' continues...


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