November 23rd, 2007

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The Devil's Diary XII Update!

The Devil's Diary

The Nightmare before Xmas will soon be here! There have been several inquiries about when the next batch of volume XII of The Devil's Diary will be released. Another wave will be sent forth next week. Thank you for your patience!

The Devil's Diary XII: Halloween XLII A.S.Contents include: Pro Wrestling: The Modern Day Psychodrama by Kyle Whittaker, Nocturnal Reflections by Michael D. Walach, Invoking Satanic Justice by Paul Hill, Kookie Kutter Kapos by Adan Flores, Let's Roll For Real! by Citizen Promethius, The Nine 'I' Statements by Kyle Whittaker, The Animal Asylum, Stages of The Pentagram; plus Noctuarium multimedia reviews, Black Heart Poetry, and much more!

* Cover Art features "God Is Dead" by Jeff Avila.
* Back cover Art features 'Halloween Unleashed' by Draconis Blackthorne.

If you would like to place an order:

* $9.00 U.S.A. / $13.00 international.
* Contact The Editor-in-Chief for ordering information, as well as submissions for the next issue, with the deadline set to April 11th, XLIII A.S. Thank you, and Hail Satan!