November 5th, 2007


Devil Winds...

Devil Winds

From abyssal gate, we welcome thee
Satanas flow through canyon and grove
The land renewed with dance of flame
Looming shadow, overlooks the blackened earth
Soon reborn, enriched, with opalescent splendor...

Devil Winds coursing through valleys of undeath
Ignites the Witch's flame by Dragon's breath
Hellflames torch through blackstar hearth
Blindlight sepulchre darkened with gnash of teeth
Realized, thine apocalypse to roost by Devil's hand...

Devil Winds across the earth
Each spawned of imagining's pyre
Thy form inlaced in machinations' foundry
By air and land, by ocean's depth
Its creatures know the secrets well
Moving to thy call and swell...

Metal clash and burn within the serpentine crawl
Fires of the pit open to the sky
Hellion tails whip dust and storm's thrall
A sacrificial gift bestowed by Nature's pall
Embracing those within The Eye...

The terror of these Devil Nights
Arrived in leaps and bounds
With cloven feet and flaming jaws
The world became a Jack O' Lantern's light.

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