October 25th, 2007


Upon contemplation, and contingent on My Y2K essay, it seems there was an 'apocalypse' of sorts after all - with very few exceptions*, the sad decline of quality in Music and films, which is why I prefer superior past (un)orthodoxies as My current entertainment. More than ever, it seems mediocrity is the rule of the day, that is to say, an increase of such post 2000 c.e., where talentless fluff is propagated as somehow worthy of consideration, and the herd are dumber than ever.

It is no wonder so-called nostalgic presentations are resurfacing, transitioning as technology evolves. The more perceptive will make this their own.

We live in the timeless now, what does one choose to fill it with?

* Such as that reviewed in Malefick Musick & Spechtreum.