October 21st, 2007

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

IIIrd Annual Coffin Rust Halloween Print

IIIrd Annual Coffin Rust Halloween Print

A scene in Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory, one is greeted by his creature with an adoring Igor. Deep rich colors gratify the eyes in this watercolor delight. What I thought was most amusing is the label on the brain jar - quite a clever way to sign the work indeed. Another pleasing creation by Warlock Daniel Byrd. This will also be framed and displayed in The Purple Room.



"Oh great brothers of the night, thou who maketh My place of comfort, who rideth out upon the (hot) winds of Hell, who dwelleth in the Devil's fane; Move and appear!" ~ The Satanic Bible.

The Demon Winds are back! Known as the "Santa Anas", or "Saint Ana's", I prefer to refer to them more appropriately as the "Satana(h}s", as they frequently bring destruction / renewal with them, from posions to fanning flames, to dust storms and rain & oil-slicked roads making infernos, although it seems to be more virulent this year. Another "sacrifice"? Seems to be another in an interesting slew of devastating events in the last couple of weeks.