October 18th, 2007


It was Halloween evening...

It was Halloween evening...
{From The Addams Family series; Season One, episode 7: "Halloween With The Addams Family". Air Date: October 30, 1964 c.e.}

It was Halloween evening, and through the abode
Not a creature was stirring, not even a toad
Jack O' Lanterns are hung on the gallows with care
To guide sister Witch as she flies through the air
{"drawn by eight beautiful bats" ~ Gomez*}
And she calls out to them:

Uncle Fester: "Come flitter, come flutter, come flapper and flier
Come chitter, come chatter, come vicious vampire!"

[So under the moon they glide on a gale
With ghosties and beasties they let out a wail
On Halloween evening, Cousin Shy parts the veil
With a Happy Halloween, into the night they sail!]

* Personally, I prefer mentioning Nine.

Scene: As The Addams Family gathers around the living room, dimming the lights, all are seated for the reading of the Halloween poem. Uncle Fester stands behind the unexpected guests powering his own gloomy DC light bulb. As Gomez holds the scroll, Morticia begins the enunciation with that addition by Gomez and Fester. The 'guests' are spooked, and take their leave.

Note: The final portion in brackets was included by Myself, considering the abrupt departure of the guests curtailed the conclusion.

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