October 13th, 2007


The Mousetrap

Mousetrap by Agatha Christie

On this dark and stormy night, I had the pleasure of going to the theatre to see this wonderful classic drama-play. We were seated in a box seat by another cute couple, while I positioned My Diabolus cane and prepared for a most entertaining evening.

As the lights dimmed into total darkness, a sinister voice enunciated the introduction, accompanied the strobing lightning effect silhouetting the beautiful set of a mansion's room assured a most gratifying experience. The actors performed splendidly well, and for those who enjoy "who-done-it" detective/crime stories, this story contains a wonderful twist; we discussed who the culprit could be during the intermission, and were delightfully surprised by the revelation - truly, a character one would not expect.

Rain cascaded along the window as we made our way back to The Noctuary, transforming into quite a torrent by the time we arrived, and indulged in a warm hearty meal to conclude a delightful evening out. ∞