September 20th, 2007

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

"Love Well, Eat Often, & Laugh Much"

Red Devil Pizza
116 W Badillo St., Covina, CA 91723
(626) 966-4484

Located in artsy "Olde Towne" Covina, Red Devil Pizzeria is a pleasant establishment with a combination old world feel with new world comforts. Established in 1966, Red Devil Pizzeria & Ristorante features "real Italian New York style" pizza pies, as well as a variety of other wonderful traditional dishes, within their Family and Banquet Rooms.

I was initially attracted by the smiling devil on the logo, having seen it from time to time when driving through this theatre and antique shoppe-near location, I decided to finally enter. The screen door and creaking entrance was already a welcomed attraction, harking back to a 'mom & pop' restaurant, where the pizzas are made from scratch. Wait time is a mere twenty minutes, in which time one can indulge in pleasant conversation and enjoy the darkened surroundings, and if so inclined, the bar {wherein a variety of fine philtres are offered}, and wide-screen entertainment.

Over one archway, the quote "Love Well, Eat Often, & Laugh Much" was a very nice touch as well.

The delightfully large "Red Devil Special" is recommended, featuring a full combination multiple toppings dish, with red pepper and Parmesan cheese option.

Whether take out or eat in, the service is attentive and attractive {the pretty brunette wearing a form-fitting Red Devil shirt was a treat for the eyes as well}.

Quiet, dim {natural light filtering in from the tinted windows during the day, intimate lighting at night}, and sparsely populated when I went, with a satisfyingly delicious repast, I can say I thoroughly enjoyed My stay here. ∞