July 22nd, 2007

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Hell: Our Fear & Fascination

HELL: Our Fear & Fascination
{VII/XIII/XLII A.S. 20/20}

Heaven & HellNot since 20/20's "Devil Worshippers" program which instigated the 'Satanic Panic', has this show concisively covered such diabolical subject matter; so now there appears "Hell: Our Fear & Fascination", which aired on a Friday the 13th, attempting to explain the current populace's arcane pre-occupation with The Underworld, from literal to figurative.

What is Hell?

In a sort of "Hell: The Devil's Domain" vain, this segment covers a brief visceral summery of various religions' versions of Hell, and discusses the metaphorical etymology of the origins of Gehenna.

To Hell and Back

Observes the mythological recall of the brain in a state of stress. Features an interview with a person who claimed to have gone through an N.D.E., or "near death experience", which is essentially a hallucination, bringing various subconscious archetypes forth to a dying brain.

The Face of Evil

Features a brief thirty second interview with Magus Gilmore speaking on the principle of Lex Talionis, and a display of some wonderfully dramatic footage from The High Mass, inclusive of Magister Diabolus Rex immolating a parchment in the candle of destruction. It has been My experience that even though our segments tend to be brief, that is usually more than enough to express our point, as the undefiled wisdom of the statements stand for themselves, from comments from those legendary Satanis interviews with Dr. LaVey, to those of our current representatives. Plus, it may not necessarily be what the producers wish to showcase, as they tend to focus on horror scenarios and the dualistic mindset, rather than the Third Side perspective.

A needlessly extensive interview with a murderer follows, a broken animal who committed needless crimes, tattooed with cheap jailhouse ink, is where he belongs living out a living Hell behind bars in pathetic abstinence, and whose interview was completely predictable.

A Modern Heretic

Focuses on an ostracized preacher with an alternate version of "Hell", where it is right here on earth - on this, it is agreed. It is up to the individual to create whatever existence for oneself, although his perspective deals with an earthly 'test' to paradise beyond the grave...

Heaven and Hell are semantic terms describing personal and worldly states of existence, nothing more. Religions of the past created all manner of fantastical threat and promise to regulate their congregations and keep the herd in line, at a time when church and state were fused, the idea of a celestial overseer may have been necessary to lull the simple populace, always at the determination of king and clergy. This is no longer necessary in an increasingly evolving culture, where the more evolved may focus on ethics, and law enforcement devoid of external superstitions.

Journeys into Hope

Relations from three people who experienced severe and brutal circumstances, from a raped nun, a former child soldier, and a Holocaust survivor.

Overall, Hell: Our Fear & Fascination is a rather topical report on this phobia, but does manage to display in a basic sense, the shifting mentality of white-lighters towards more agnostic definitions; as technology develops and reason incrementally prevails, even these religions are becoming mere shadows of their former fundamentalist selves, and even for the herd, that is certainly evolutionary progress.