May 20th, 2007

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D r e a m s c a p e
{XIX A.S. Directed by Joseph Ruben. Starring Dennis Quaid, Max von Sydow, Christopher Plummer, Eddie Albert, Kate Capshaw, David Patrick Kelly}

Alex Gardner was born with certain "talents" - a telepathic genius - able to manipulate the conscious mind. But it is not until he is approached with an offer to further parapsychology that he learns just how profound his abilities can fathom.

Living a life of mundane concerns*, at the behest of Dr. Novotny {Max Von Sydow}, he returns to his former life engaging in psychical research to further the efforts of the mind to tap the abyssal subconscious, projecting into others' dreams, in what is essentially the practice of Lucid Dreaming, what some of us have already mastered. With the aid of a 'dream machine' situated in the 'dream chamber' {"Who's your decorator, Darth Vader?"; it is a nice chamber!}, which merely regulates bio-functions, it begins as a form of therapy, witnessing patients' fears, such as the man who suspected his wife of cheating {including with his brother, a priest, and... even you... Fakuda...?}; and the construction worker with bathophobia {fear of falling from high places}. The reality of the situations amaze Alex, who thereby dedicates his skills full into the project.

Upon reaching REM sleep state, each dream sequence is quite a remarkable spectacle {whose ingress, incidentally, very much resembles the I-Tunes visualizer}, with amorphous transmutations in light and sound surrounding until full presence is achieved.

Then he meets Bob Blaire, whose innocuous first introduction belies his true character as sinister mastermind, and later Tommy Glatman, a psychopathic dream killer obsessed with Martial Arts movies who actually murdered his own father. Blaire runs a top-secret organization within the CIA whose nefarious influence is all-pervasive. The two work in tandum and plan to assassinate the President {Eddie Albert**} in his dream by whatever imaginative scenario, utilizing dream weapons to achieve that end, which results in various stress and shock related maladies in "dayside" state. That is the ultimate idea herein - to cause reactive effects in which a kill in the dream results in the actual demise of the dreamer IN ACTUALITY.

Through entering the dream of an attractive female Doctor with what is essentially an incubus visualization, Alex eventually learns to project without the use of the machine, by merely stilling himself in a quiet, gloomy environment, initiating controlled breathing techniques {sounds familiar...}, he sharpens his senses enough to subsequently confront a serpentine creature known as 'The Snakeman' {a boogie-man archetype and Glatman's fearsome "totem"} who has invaded a boy's dreams. From within a haunted house on a stormy night, down a twisting staircase into an inferno of horrors, the two battle the snake beast in a fantastical scene reminiscient of white knight verses dragon. Although in the dream world, anything is possible.

After the sad execution of Novotny ordered by Blaire, Alex and Tommy square off in The President's nightmare wherein the one with the greater imagination, cleverness, and willpower prevails. The Snakeman manifests again, and through a very shrewd apparition, the President is saved.

Demon hounds, a snake monster, nuclear zombies, sudden scares, cloak and dagger scenarios, secret government conspiracies, a motorbike chase, and horrific environments fill this dreamscape of nucleic creation.

Rating: 5/5.


The premise behind this film deals in the actual practice of Lucid Dreaming, wherein the dreamer can control the direction of one's own dream, filling it with whatever content desired, adopting whatever abilities wished for, inclusive of entering others' subconscious for mental manipulation to cause likewise reflections in wake. Highly recommended to those interested in lucid dream work.

In a certain sense, the character of Alex Gardner could very well speak to the born Warlock and Witch, who share such similar relatable inherent propensities.


* Seems he was betting on the horse races and runs afoul of some bookies who want in on his continual success, and otherwise was also concentrating his efforts on carnal pleasures. The question remains - there is no reason why he could not continue to pursue his fleshly interests while also contributing to the project.

** Whom you may remember as portraying Dr. Samuel Richards in the film 'The Devil's Rain', and probably more recognizably as Oliver Wendell Douglas from 'Green Acres'.


Mom: Satan to blame for microwaved baby

Mom: Satan to blame for microwaved baby
08:49 PM CDT on Saturday, May 19, 2007
By TJ Aulds /

GALVESTON -- “That was not my husband; my husband is a wonderful father. Satan was working through his weaknesses,” said Eva Marie Mauldin, the 20-year-old mother of the 2-month old who was severely burned after her father placed her in a hotel room microwave in Galveston two weeks ago.

In an exclusive interview with 11 News, Eva Mauldin said her husband Joshua is “not the monster people are making him out to be.”

She blames the devil and some form of a demonic possession of her husband for what happened.

“I believe Satan works through our weaknesses. Satan attacked (Joshua) through his weaknesses,” said Eva Marie.

In the case of her 19-year-old husband, his weaknesses is a mental disability that she said he has tried to get help for to no avail. She said Joshua had sought treatment for the undisclosed mental illness, but that he was unable to find the help he needed.

What she said he did find was a calling to the ministry. She met her husband in a church back home in Arkansas.

Mrs. Mauldin said she and her husband had come to Galveston because they had been called to minister. She called the island “a den of sin.”

That call to ministry she said was seen as a “threat” by Satan.

“Satan saw my husband as a threat. Satan attacked him because he saw (Joshua) as a threat,” said Mrs. Mauldin.

The Arkansas native said she was sure most people would hear her comments and consider her "crazy.”

Nevertheless, she insists that she and her husband are Christians who came to Galveston on behalf of God only to be confronted by the devil.

Mauldin said her husband told her that on the day he placed their daughter Ana Marie into the microwave he, “saw what he was doing, but couldn’t stop himself.”

“He was crying the whole time, and when he finally came out of it he took her out of the microwave and tried to fix her,” said Mauldin. “When I came back to the room, he was screaming and crying.”

Mauldin said reports that her husband told police he placed the little girl in the microwave because he was stressed are not accurate.

“He would never do anything to hurt her. He loves her,” she said. “When she cries he is the one who comforts her. When she is sick, he is the one that takes her to the doctor.”

Again, she insists his actions were not because of stress, but rather Satan preying upon his mental illness.

“This was Satan fighting him because he was a threat,” she insisted.

While Joshua Mauldin’s mother has returned to Arkansas, Eva Marie Mauldin remains in Galveston hoping to be reunited with her daughter even as officials with Children’s Protective Services have move to have her and Joshua’s parental rights severed.

She even set up a MySpace page “Joshua Mauldin is not a Monster” in hopes of defending her husband and making pleas for people to help her.

“I had nothing to do with what happened, then (will you) help me get a job and a place to live that is good enough for my daughter,” she wrote.

Thus far, help has been hard to find. She said she too has been tainted by what happened even though she was not in the room at the time.

She said her Galveston landlord, after finding out who she was, told her to move out by the end of the month and that calls to local agencies seeking help in finding a job and housing have been unsuccessful.

“I am angry at the way I have been treated,” she said. “I wasn’t even there. I am upset. I am alone down here and nobody is willing to help me.”

While Joshua Mauldin has been charged with child endangerment, Eva Marie has not been charged with any crime.

Even in the cyber world, Mauldin’s comments on the situation have been met with cynicism.

Some comment that she should leave her husband, to which she answered:

"He has problems and I don't believe in condemning someone who is not like everybody else. He is sorry for what he has done and I know that the Joshua I married loved Ana very much and would never hurt her,” she wrote.

“He tried to get help before this happened. It’s not his fault they didn't treat him correctly.”

A custody hearing for Ana Marie is scheduled for later this week in a Galveston district court.

Christinsanity at work. Posted this egregious story because it is especially indicative of the blindlight criminal mental illness.