March 27th, 2007


Heaven Can Help

"Val (Tony Bova) is a regular guy, who likes to imitate the song styling of James Darren and similar '60s crooners when he isn't selling real estate in Southern California. He is not really prepared to go on the front lines of the battle between heaven and hell, but when his son Matthew (Joe Balogh) inadvertently opens a channel to some very California angels (one of them is named "Crystal") while playing with his computer, he really doesn't have much of a choice. His adversary is a local witch named Vyra (Jinx Dawson), is the local representative of Ol' Patch, the devil himself (Myron Natwick)." ~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide

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Blackthorne Theatre: Midnight Offerings

Blackthorne Theatre

Midnight Offerings
XV A.S. Directed by Rod Holcomb. Written by Juanita Bartlett. Starring Melissa Sue Anderson {Vivian Sotherland}, Mary Beth McDonough {Robin Prentiss}, Patrick Cassidy {David Sterling}, Marion Ross {Emily Moore}, Gordon Jump {Sherm Sotherland}, Cathryn Damon {Diane Sotherland}, Ray Girardin {Clausen}, Peter MacLean {Charles Prentiss}, Jack Garner {Hugh Garvey}, Dana Kimmell {Lily}, Jeff MacKay {Herb Nemenz}, Curt Ayers, Jack Bridges, Gary Dubin, Kym Karath {Monique}, Robin Klein, Michael Morgan {Frankel}, Terry Wagner, Wendy Rastattar, Dino Shorte {Paramedic}, Dean Wein, Vanna White {Devona}, Loren Lester.

The little sheep from Little House on the Prairie, Melissa-Sue Anderson, has wandered far from the flock, to portray a Satanic Witch in this gem of a movie, Midnight Offerings. She plays an adolescent Satanist, determined to be the top-notch student at Ocean High. She adds & diminishes whom & whatsoever she pleases, by her Occult Powers. She has a marvelous Ritual Chamber erected in her bedroom, & an adorable black cat familiar, She is completely covert about it, until a rival, Robin Prentiss, moves into town, who is under-developed Magically, & even tries to deny her natural Witchery, which only works to the advantage of Vivian, who manipulates her at will, but not without subconscious resistance. She ends up getting the attention of Dave Sterling, Vivian's boyfriend, which invokes the wrath of the Dark Sorceress, to the eventual point of a face-off in the school's athletic field turned execution grounds. Robin's attempts to gain help from some dumb weakan proved fruitless against the magnified Black Magic of the Black Witch on that Full Moon's night.

Dave Sterling remains the jock-bimbo ingrate, unappreciative of Vivian's efforts to keep him as the star-quarterback of the High School's team, who, because of Vivian's spells, he has enjoyed top-ranking. Instead, he becomes confused by his twisted "morality", & veers further away from her, & into the arms of the idiotic Prentiss.

There's a dramatic scene between Vivian & her weak, stifling mother, who seeks to thwart her daughter's aspirations of success, wherein they have a brief psychic battle. That bitch didn't even want Vivian, because she was the 7th daughter of a 7th daughter. Her father is a good-natured, gullible fellow, who is clueless about Vivian being a Hecatite Witch, who works closely with Hecate, Dark Goddess of the Moon & Witchcraft.

The opening scene is INCREDIBLE, & not at all as far-fetched as some people might believe. This first scene really sets the tone of the movie, & is profoundly memorable.

Midnight Offerings is quite impressive, for the great aesthetics of Magic, the beautiful Baphomet, & the demonstration of the moronic antics of the normals, who can never quite comprehend the glory & Power We Children of Darkness possess.

This movie also has a great score, which can be useful for your own rituals & ceremonies, if you can find it.

Midnight Offerings is yet another inspirational, satanistic film that should have ended, however, about five minutes sooner, to avoid the D.P. ∞


DJ Bobo garners more attention...

Christians attack "satanic" Eurovision song
Christian fundamentalists are calling for Switzerland's Eurovision Song Contest entry to be banned because of its allegedly satanic content.

On Tuesday the Federal Democratic Union (FDU) handed in a 49,000:signature petition to the government condemning DJ Bobo's "Vampires Are Alive" as an affront to people's religious convictions.

The controversy is something of a setback for the former baker's apprentice who is a household name in Switzerland and known for his squeaky:clean image.

The 39:year:old, who had a worldwide smash hit with "Chihuahua" in 2003, rode to the country's Eurovision rescue at the end of last year after a string of Swiss flops at the event.

The FDU petition accuses DJ Bobo ? real name René Baumann ? of trivialising hell and Satan and says his "occult lyrics" are beyond the pale. The offending lyrics include lines such as "Free your spirit after midnight, sell your soul" and "From heaven to hell, enjoy the ride".

"The song is bad from our point of view," Thomas Feuz, head of the FDU's petition committee, told swissinfo. "We have nothing against DJ Bobo but the song has a destructive meaning and we want it stopped."

"Occult and Satanists"

The petition also states that the Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place in May in the Finnish capital Helsinki, has increasingly become a platform for "the occult and Satanists".

It makes reference to last year's surprise winners Lordi who wooed fans with their "monster rock" and also faced accusations of being a satanic group ? something they denied.

Government officials confirmed that a petition bearing 49,082 names had been submitted by the FDU on Tuesday. It has not yet been decided which ministry will deal with it.

Earlier this month the song also came under fire from the Swiss Evangelical Alliance, which appealed to the singer to change the lyrics. It warned that the song might send young people who were mentally unstable over the edge.

The alliance, which claims to have around 250,000 followers, said the lyrics were irresponsible in view of Switzerland's high suicide rate and called on Interior Minister Pascal Couchepin to intervene.

Religious storm

In a further blow, a number of Swiss:German radio stations are refusing to play "Vampires Are Alive" ? not because of the religious storm but because they say it's rubbish. One station said it would be "commercial suicide".

Yet the song, which has clearly been influenced by Lordi's winning mock:horror formula and whose video recalls Michael Jackson's "Thriller", last week entered the Swiss charts at number three,

DJ Bobo's successful brand of Eurodance has seen him sell 13 million records around the world. He has won more than 80 awards, including a record:breaking ten World Music Awards as the best:selling Swiss recording artist.

Last year he became a World Food Programme Ambassador against Hunger, joining the likes of Brazilian football star Ronaldinho. DJ Bobo recently travelled to Ethiopia to highlight food shortages in the north of the country.

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