March 22nd, 2007


Type O Negative: Dead Again

Malefik Musick

Type O Negative: Dead Again
{XLII A.S. Peter Steele – Lead vocals & bass guitar / Kenny Hickey – Guitars, vocals / Josh Silver – Keyboards, synth and effects, vocals / Johnny Kelly – Drums and percussion, vocals / The Bensonhoist Lesbian Choir / Tara VanFlower of Lycia}

TON returns to inject a major dose of truly exceptional musick into the basilar membrane which is both empowering and contemplative, considering the Rasputin theme and aestheics as well. The lyrical theme is entirely seperate to the aesthetic, which makes them both distinct unto themselves.


The cover art features Grigori Efimovich Rasputin, Mystic, so called "Holy Devil" and "Mad Monk", deriving from The Khlysty, a sect who practiced self-flagellation, although he disagreed with their masochistic methods and basically became a renegade monk with a penchant for carnal indulgence - from imbibing in copious libations, passionate dance {it was rumored that he even celebrated a phallic cavort with the legendary ample appendage} , to sensual pleasures with many of the local women who admired his extraordinary abilities, as well as his libertine lifestyle, in which he revelled, and was more than willing and able to satisfy on a frequent basis.

His influence pervaded the Russian Aristocracy, wherein he had the Czar and Czarina transfixed. Briefly, extremely fortunate for them, he attained the power to heal, and used that ability to cure the Czar's son Alex, which gained their unyielding loyalty. From the beginning, there were those who resented him, claiming he was in league with The Devil. Through treachorous subterfuge, he was tricked and betrayed, and eventually excarnated after displaying apparent invincibility, to the fear and trepidation of his detractors.

He lived his life to the fullest, attained a passionate joie de vivre, employing lesser magic principles to charm and confound when it served his purposes, and excelled in his chosen endeavors, all of which designates him a de-facto Satanist, in My estimation.

The back cover features the images of Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and Alex, the unfortunate royal children who were assassinated {with the exception of Maria, who would later write a book entitled "Rasputin: The Man Behind The Myth"} in Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk) on 16th July 1918, by the filthy hands of stuporstitious peasants wanting to rid the kingdom of anything to do with Rasputin. The ignorant frightened cowards.

The green font used on the entire album can be a bit distracting, which is something of a Russian version of the English alphabet, with several reversed letters. Also mentionable, the booklet is a fold-out cross design containing full lyrics and liner notes.


Track List: 1. Dead Again 2. Tripping A Blind Man 3. The Profits Of Doom 4. September Sun 5. Halloween in Heaven 6. These Three Things 7. She Burned Me Down 8. Some Stupid Tomorrow 9. An Ode To Locksmiths 10. Hail And Farewell To Britain

Dead Again preserves their evocatively best style, with rhythmically crunching and echoing guitars, haunting cathedral keyboards, the darkly erotic inunciations and deep reverberations from Peter Steele, and the hypnotic beat of the drums all combine to create another Goth-Metal masterpiece akin to Bloody Kisses. As is typical TON, each song takes its time, coursing and describing the emotions, while stimulating a sense of sweet euphoria.

Of note, The Profit of Doom, dealing with The Antichrist Beast of Revelation complete with references to the six triumverate; Halloween In Heaven, a jaunty tune featuring a female voice complimenting Steele's well with a pleasing contrast. September Sun, & These Three Things combine ponderous ballad moments with sudden bursts of energy creating a perfect mix of melancholy and rage.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised to find an additional disc contained inside with a Live recording featuring tracks from Bloody Kisses {Christian Women, Love You To Death, Black No. 1}, October Rust {Everything Dies / My Girlfriend's Girlfriend}, Slow Deep & Hard, {Gravitational Constant}, and Origin of The Feces {Are You Afraid}, all of which sounds extraordinary.

Overall, Dead Again contains a mutiplicity of content from the art to the quantity of music, which hearkens to Bloody Kisses and October Rust while standing upon its own merit. Highly recommended.



Spiders Love to Snuggle

Spiders Love to Snuggle
By Jeanna Bryner, LiveScience Staff Writer
posted: 19 March 2007, 09:04 am ET

While not usually considered paragons of tender, familial love, some spiders do have a touchy-feely side. Scientists have discovered two arachnids that caress their young and snuggle together.

Social behavior is extremely rare in arachnids, a group of critters typically defined by their aggression, clever hunting methods and even predatory cannibalism.

“This was the best example I had ever seen of friendly behavior in an arachnid,” said lead study author Linda Rayor, a Cornell University entomologist.

“I was amazed at how incredibly interactive the groups are,” Rayor said. “They are in constant tactile contact with one another. They are constantly exploring one another and interacting with their siblings.”

Spider whips

Rayor and her colleagues studied two whip-spider species, dime-sized spiders common in Florida, called Phrynus marginemaculatus, and a much larger species found in forests and caves in Tanzania and Kenya, Damon diadema.

The species are members of an arachnid group called amblypygids. Unlike their eight-legged relatives, the amblypygids have just six walking legs because the first pair of “ancestral” legs evolved into whips for sensing their environments.

The whip-like feelers, which can extend three to six times the length of the arachnids, can rotate 360 degrees around their bodies and are covered with fine hairs capable of delicate tickle movements.

The right touch

Observed in glass houses, the two arachnid families were often seen engaging in sibling-sibling and mother-baby interactions. In one experiment, the siblings were removed from a familiar cage and placed randomly into a large unfamiliar cage. Within minutes, they gathered back together.

Mothers of both species nurtured their young. Often, the mama whip spider would sit in the middle of her offspring and slowly stroke their bodies and whips with her own feelers.

* Video: Spider Baby Rub
* Video: Spider Tickle

For P. marginemaculatus, the stroking was mutual, with the three-week-olds also whip-caressing their moms and one another.

* Video: Spider Siblings

Whereas amicable behavior continued into adulthood for P. marginemaculatus, teen life was rougher for D. diadema. After these arachnids reached sexual maturity, the scientists found evidence they had outgrown their cuddly behavior: adolescent spiders had missing or injured legs attributable to fighting.

Family dynamics

Rayor suggests the social behavior of these spiders has remained hidden due to their reclusive behaviors. The creatures often shimmy their flat bodies into narrow crevices in caves and other hideouts. Plus their coloring blends them in with their environment.

Past studies have focused on the more visible features, such as the adult’s courtship displays and fighting behaviors, so scientists had assumed the creatures were solitary and cannibalistic predators.

* Video: Spider Coupling
* Video: Spider Courtship Dance

By living in such tight families, the spiders could boost safety from predators, particularly in the case of a mom protecting her young from hungry passersby. Groups might also benefit by sharing prey for meals, though Rayor has yet to observe such a family feast.

The study is detailed in the August issue of the Journal of Arachnology.

* Spider Cries Out While Mating
* Images: Creepy Spiders