March 21st, 2007

Coat of Arms

Spring Equinox XLII A.S.


Spring Equinox XLII A.S.
A Tribute to The Four-Crown Princes of Hell


The ebbs and flows of The Black Earth churn and twist, casting up shadowy forces as tempestuous tapestries ornament the sky...

The crashing of the waves to call forth Leviathan! Cthulhu! Jormungander! Kraken! From the depths of the seven seas, and the swirling black waters within the blood, responding in kind to eachother's call, released from brinish gates and murky grottoes to arise from darkness to the gloom above, graceful all, floating in perpetual phantom thrall.

Meet the gaze of Lucifer's light upon the water's crest, Lord of Darkness and Infernal Enlightenment, carries the hellfire torch of reason and liberty. The Daemonic Genius at The Western Gate bids the bold come forward to partake of forbidden delights; thou blacklight angel beautiful in countenence, inner guide upon the left-hand path of undefiled wisdom and strength. The Devil's breath courses as rushing winds through valleys and canyons, root and branch, plains and mesan ridge. By 666 & 13, alight the day and night!

Welcomed be Belial, Black God of the quaking earth, Thy Might knows no bounds! Leering from caverns of flesh and bone, rock and stone! In thy bosom does life spring forth in opalescent splendor, revealing hidden treasures, from caves with snakes and bats teeming from the womb of creation, timeless regeneration. Megalith propagate with devil's seed, bathed in elemental flow, the giant shifts and cycle grows.

Adjoined as one, Satan is The All! From legends come alive made real by the imagination. Portal of the mind to and from Hell. The living devils walk the land with earthen feet, incarnate sinew and flesh. The squall and howling beasts, a flash connects ether to land, sublime materialization ignites the lightning bolt in brilliant illumination, life force animus of creation, immortal reverberation.

In Nomine Satanas,
Draconis Blackthorne
Warlock, Church of Satan
March 21, Spring Equinox XLII A.S.