March 12th, 2007

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On Inmate over-population...

On Inmate over-population...

So there apparently is an over-population problem with prisoners over-crowding correctional institutions now. The solution? Take a tip from England, who transported all their undesirables to Australia, and leave them to form their own 'society', a-la "Lost", for real. Re-open Devil's Island where they can fend for themselves, living off the land for survival, perhaps motivating a semblence of so-called "recuperation"; or possibly reserve the 'dark side of the moon' when colonization is established, as Dr. LaVey referred to as "space ghettos", so why not eventual "space penal colonies"? Thereby, destructive organisms and disruptive criminals may be isolated from the rest of the population, while perhaps even providing entertainment for pay-per-view events, with proceeds directed into law enforcement and facility development.


The Mystic Knights of The Oingo Boingo on The Gong Show!


The Mystic Knights of The Oingo Boingo

Long-appreciated minstrels of madness. That is in fact what they called themselves before the curtailed 'Oingo Boingo', and later 'Boingo' nomenclature. At the time, as the clip demonstrates, they were essentially theatrical performers until the combined genuis of the Elfmans propelled them to musical and cinematic prominance. If you look carefully, you can spot one Danny Elfman as one of the jesters, and brother Richard Elfman {The Forbidden Zone} as the rocket man.

When I very first ever heard them on the radio as a Dracling, I knew they would be a favorite. The fact that this clip also features Bill Bixby makes it even more unique, as The Incredible Hulk as well as The Magician are also quite evocative for Me.


Can Bond play the devil?

Can Bond play the devil?
March 12, 2007

Daniel Craig is set to play the devil. The James Bond star has reportedly signed up for the role of Satan in I, Lucifer which focuses on the fallen angel's last attempt at redemption.

A source said: "The role really appealed to Daniel, who loves artistic challenges. He doesn't want to be typecast just as an action hero after the success of Casino Royale."

Craig will start shooting the £75-million film between his next project His Dark Materials and his second outing as 007, Bond 22.

The movie is based on a best-selling novel by Glen Duncan, which in turn was inspired by John Milton's epic 17th century poem Paradise Lost.

The poem tells the story of Lucifer's revenge for being banished to hell for betraying God.

I, Lucifer sees the fallen angel being given one month to redeem himself by attempting to live as a saintly human.

However, Satan uses his new human body to commit as many sins as he can.