January 19th, 2007


Satanic worship hits Mizo church and society

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Satanic worship hits Mizo church and society

H C Vanlalruata, Aizawl, Jan 18: In the dark of the night, a mixed group of teenage boys and girls huddle together in a circle inside a secluded cemetery, holding hands and chanting invocations to the Satan.

In the centre of the huddle is placed the skull of a monkey or a dog with the inscription 'nataS si doG' which in reverse reads 'God is Satan'.

The geometric progression in popularity of devil worship had, of course, set alarm bells ringing causing concern among confused parents and teachers, unable to make out whether their young ones were indulging in drug abuse or worse.

The popular belief here is that some youth took to Satanic worship after watching a film called 'The Craft' in television where the worshippers were 'blessed' with supernatural powers.

Performers of the 'black mass' soon fall into a trance and one after another slash their wrists in a ritual offering of blood to the Biblical 'fallen angel'.

A seven-paged report earlier prepared by a four-member Aizawl Theological College Faculty said that illicit, even unnatural sex, incest and intake of psychotropic drugs were mandatory during the 'satanic rituals'.

The youthful indulgence in witchcraft in the deeply religious Mizo society then confounded the powerful Presbyterian church which authorised the research by the Aizawl Theological College Faculty.

The report, submitted to the Aizawl district superintendent of police by Lalliansawta, a church elder working in the Presbyterian Synod office, quoted some of the boys and girls indulging in the worship as saying that, "We sat silently during devotional meetings in our home and worshipped Lucifer." Lalliansawta, while submitting the report to the SP in 2002, requested the police to look into the devil worship as it was a 'social menance' and could lead to a plethora of social evils'.

That was how it began a few years back and no reports of violations of the laws or overt disruption of the society were heard then. Boys and girls interviewed by the four theologists were told that they sought the Satan's powers to influence others, be it to earn large sums of money, to achieve success in school examinations, or merely to instill fear and awe and earn respect among their peers and elders.

The irony was that these young people belonged to Christian families who regularly went to the church and have devotional meetings in their residents, the report added.

The worship took an ugly turn in the past six months with reports of the worshippers defiling the church and damaging church properties.

While the church refused to involve the police in some cases, police investigated some of them and young people, mainly drug abusers, were arrested and charged with criminal cases.

The first reported incident of blasphemous acts of suspected Satanic devotees was at Kawnpui village in Kolasib district in the Mizoram-Assam border in 2006.

Lalbiakthanga Khiangte, Kolasib district SP, told PTI that a church at Kawnpui Hmar Veng was defiled at night by suspected devil worshippers in the church.

The Kawnpui incident was followed by a similar incident at another Presbyterian Church of Diakkawn locality in Kolasib town.

Another bizarre incident occurred inside a United Pentecostal Church (UPC) at Zemabawk area near here during early December where five persons were found to be shooting a 'Satanic film'.

Local people seized the video camera and a number of documents from the 'actors'. "One of them was stark naked and bathed his body with blood while the camera was rolling," local residents said, adding they did not inform the incident to the police as it was thought to be blasphemous rather than a legal problem.

A 29-year-old worshipper was arrested on January four for committing sacrilege inside a Presbyterian church at Kulikawn locality in Aizawl on the night before.

He was however released on bail and sent to a gospel camping at Rescue Centre at Selesih near Aizawl while the Kulikawn church members prayed for his soul.

Aizawl District SP L T Hrangehal said there had been no proof of the involvement of groups of Satanic worshippers in the blasphemous acts and sacrileges committed so far in Aizawl.

"Defiling of churches were done by a single person or a group of persons but we were yet to get substantiation of the claims of some people that such acts were committed by the devil's devotees," Hrangehal said.

But there are some people who believed that even if the perpetrators of sacrilege were not worshippers of Lucifer, they were inspired by the witchcraft practised by the young people. --- PTI

Satanism does not advocate drug abuse. Indulgence not compulsion.

Satanism does not advocate vandalism. We have the cathartic ritual of The Black Mass utilizing blasphemous expression in the controlled setting of The Ritual Chamber, to purge the mind of residual 'spiritual' belief-systems, in order to move on to one's evolution unaffected by white-light dogma. Additionally, the Satanist pursues creative modes of expression in the arts.

Satanism demands study, not worship. {Ibid, The Satanic Rituals, ASLV.}

Satanism does not advocate illegal activity, as that hampers one's peace of mind, the practice of indulgence, and the instinct of self-preservation.

Satanism does not advocate rape. There must be mutual indulgence.

Satanism does not advocate physical sacrifice. We have a Destruction ritual in which a deserving offender is symbolically punished to establish justice {Lex Talionis}, gain revenge and restore balance.

Those interested in Satanism should read The Satanic Bible, and not take all cues literally from the media. While these works of fiction may have some interesting ideas, some of which may be incorperated into one's psychodramatic practices, to enhance one's psychological expression; they are employed in a theatrical sense. As a general rule of thumb, it is always a better decision to contemplate the source, not entertainment venues for serious study.

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