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Church man is a suspect in crucifixion case

Church man is a suspect in crucifixion case
November 07 2005 at 02:50AM
By Karen Breytenbach

A Kenyan missionary is to appear in the Paarl magistrate's court on Monday suspected of crucifying a Mormon church custodian on Halloween in an apparent "satanic" murder ritual.

Jacobs was found dead in a back room of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Klein Drakenstein, Paarl, on Monday night by his brother Ivor Jacobs and friend Godfrey Makapele.

Police believe the murder weapon was a garden fork. The word "Satun" was written on the floor, apparently in his blood.

"My brother's death was caused by his innate trust in people. He was such a gentle and loving person. And now we were all faced by pure evil. As a family we just hope that his death will be a wake-up call to this country ... that Satan is furious," Jacobs said on Sunday.

* Source.

Really, all this mis-spelling the simple word "Satan" which carries fathomless meanings, is getting tiresome. "Satun"? That's a change from the usual "Satin" {not as luxurious as silk, yet a reasonable facsimile thereof}, or the typo "Stan" {maybe Stan Lee?}, or the dyslexic "Santa" {what 'evils' lurk behind that deceptively diabolical red suit?} - after all, are we sure that he was not sacrificing this man to "Saturn", the 'god of agriculture'?

I do like the name "Drakenstein", though. A seeming 'cross' between Dracula and Frankenstein... what would happen if a vampire bit into Frankenstein, or a vampire and a Frankenstein's monster had children? Answer: Eddie Munster. Lily is Dracula's daughter, and Herman is pure German engineering.

On a serious note though, the man was a missionary {seemingly backsliding into heresy; 'devil-worship'}, the custodian worked at the church, and was probably a christian as well, as the death cult tend to hire their own. Apparently, they also murder their own. Probably over an ongoing arguement over some petty philosophical difference, though they are of the same type [read: blindlighters].

Prognosis: Merely in an effort to be 'shocking' and 'evil', the perpetrator will frequently scribble the name 'Satan', without having the slightest clue of what Satanism is, while the 'victim/s' will blame same, also with misconceived notions, or what they were spoon-fed by their mythology.

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