November 26th, 2006


Black Aria II

Malefik Musick

Black Aria II

As of October 17th, Volume II of the long awaited Black Aria series has been released - compositions of dark symphonic atmospheric tracks appropriate for Magical workings and ambience which splendidly compliments one's own haunted environment.

Danzig: Black Aria II1. Overture: Winged Night Demon
2. Abandonment / Recreation
3. Zemaragad
4. Lamia
5. Bridal Ceremony Of The Lilitu
6. Dance Of The Succubi
7. Unclean Sephira
9. The Succubus Feeds
10. Shiddin
11. Demons Reprise
12. Lamenta Lillith

For those who appreciate these sinister classical/instrumental soundscapes, this opus contains more of a lusty serpantine Middle-Eastern influence at some points, whereas Volume I contains more of a majestic feel, and is based upon Milton's Paradise Lost.

Black Aria I review:


Black AriaIf you have been searching for the perfect ritual musick, look into this one. Here is an exceptional work which will effectively aid to bring many successful Magical operations. The cover is graced by an incubus demon, & an angel in romantic rapport. To listen & absorb this etherial & carnal opus is to trancend the earth plane, & sail across the heavenly spheres. One is taken deep into the cavernous wombs of the earth, & to the highest mountaintops, even unto the very depths of the soul. This is sonic darkness...

Based on Milton's Paradise Lost, the song title themes are primarily celtic in origin, which transports one into the world of myths, where the gods are wrathful, & the Magic is purely Primal Pagan. Also, there are a couple of songs such as BATTLE FOR HEAVEN, which places you in the front-row seat of the Imagination, to witness the great spechtral conflicts between "evil" & "good".

There can be many uses for this Musickal masterpiece. Not only rituals & ceremonies, but for meditation, visualization, & also to add an intimate embiance with your loved one. It is a ride through the Pit & the night sky. For best results, record your copy onto a long playing cassette-tape, or set your player on audio-reverse, or repeat CD play, so that the mental muses may sustain you in ecstasy.

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