November 10th, 2006


Anton LaVey's stance on drug use [repost]

Anton LaVey's stance on drug use
Commentary by Magister Ventrue

Lately there has been a lot of talk about drug use and how Dr. LaVey approved of it, especially from the "Stanton LaVey" crowd. As we all should know just because someone has the same last name as Dr. LaVey, that does not make them the best authority on his thoughts and view points. There have been many interviews with Dr. LaVey over the years and each of them mirrors the others on the subject of drug use. I will put it bluntly, Dr. LaVey did not approve of illegal drug use! As most of you know, I knew Dr. LaVey in his later years before his death and I had the ability to personally discuss the subject with him one night at the Black House. During the discussion I could see how serious he was about the subject and the fire that reflected in his eyes. Do not be misled by people who would benefit by justifying their drug use through Dr. LaVey. When someone is so open about their illegal activities and drug use that should raise a red flag in your mind that you should keep these people at arms length or not associate with them at all.

The choice is yours of course, I will not tell you who you should be friends with, as it is not my place, but I do believe strongly in "guilty by association". The friends you have can make or break you, always be aware of that.

Below is a statement from HighPriestess Peggy Nadramia on the subject also.


From HP Nadramia:

Lately I've come across a lot of propaganda by those who would have you believe that Anton LaVey tolerated the use of illegal street drugs among his friends and associates, that he had "no problem" with people around him shooting up, getting high, losing control, and abdicating responsibility.

When somebody tries to convince you that Anton LaVey "secretly" held beliefs and opinions that were in contradiction to the writings he continued to produce during his entire adult life, it's time to get out a barrel of salt, not merely a grain.

Conveniently, LaVey was interviewed countless times and his statements on this subject are consistent, leaving no need for you to be hoodwinked by con artists with their own agendas to push.

The following excerpt is from the Alameda County Weekender, February 12, 1966. I'm including a scan of the page for good measure.

"...At any rate, there is no doubt that the manufacture of love potions (above) and their drinking (below) is very nearly as old as love itself. As to what goes into them, aside from a large dose of suggestion, that is one of the secrets of the profession. LaVey, however, does not hesitate to point out that nothing narcotic is among the ingredients. In fact, the use of any narcotics has no place in magic as LaVey sees it. 'It is true that drugs have been used in magic and in certain religious practices and still are by some,' he says. 'The use of the peyote ritual in certain Indian churches -- and which has been recently adjudged legal -- is an example. But for our purposes the use of drugs would be definitely harmful.' How serious he is on this point is shown by his attitude on LSD. 'Like opium, marijuana, heroin and so forth, it ought to be shunned like the plague' -- an interesting observation in view of some of his paintings which, despite a definite beauty, are so macabre that they look like the production of a Left Bank artist who had subsisted for weeks on a diet of absinthe and laudanum."

Magister Ventrue's Blog

As with all intoxicants, the key is moderation, control, and indulgence, not compulsion. And if it happens to be illegal, you should ask yourself whether or not it is worth it to take the risk of getting arrested and prosecuted for a crime, which would hamper one's peace of mind and freedom, inclusive of complicating possible future benefits with one's career. All of which is definitely not Satanic.

By and large, illegal narcotics are indicative of losers, and an overall criminal loser lifestyle. Drug dealers are eventually incarcerated in the swinging door scenario, and now with the 3-Strikes Law, remain parasites on society. These and similar legal substances are foisted upon the masses to both thin and calm the herd, as well as provide the medical industry with funds by keeping people sick in some way, so they will keep returning and maintain dependence.

Still others use drugs for escapism from a self-imposed miserable existence, many times caused by mental illness, emetophobia, and imbalances, which in turn funds unscrupulous medical agencies under the guise of the "new and improved!" monicker, which many times is an almost identical variation on some pre-existing 'medication', wrapped up in a new package. Paranoia is big business.

Personally, I do not care for such illegal intoxicants, and never really have.

I will also add that in My opinion, whatever creative endeavor is divulged from utilizing narcotics, inclusive of hallucinogens, would thereby be an artificial impression, dulls the senses, and not genuine of true pure individual expression, whether in art and/or ritual. Raw expression in its most natural state is what can promote evolution of the mind.

- Draconis Blackthorne.