October 29th, 2006

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

Satanism, sensationalism and stupidity

Satanism, sensationalism and stupidity
By Reverend Moore

I've been getting a number of emails lately in response to the release of the new "Omen" remake. On the special features I appear briefly on the "Revelation 666" documentary.

Folks have been asking how I came to be interviewed and what makes me qualified to "represent Satanism". Many times other, purportedly Satanic groups or relatives to Anton LaVey are mentioned.

People seem to want to know what the real deal is, so I'll do my best to set the record straight as far as Satanism being represented in the media.

Several years ago I formally affiliated with the Church of Satan. Like many of you who agree with Anton LaVey's writings, I saw myself reflected in his train of thought. For a while reading his works was good enough and I saw no need to join the Church of Satan.

For years I had known folks who knew Anton LaVey and was always interested in hearing their stories about him, and was never disappointed. He seemed like a great guy who shared a lot of my own interests in films, classic cars and women.

After Anton LaVey died, I heard about the typical family squabblings that comes with so many deaths and families that fall apart via bickering over "stuff" that they want. Very sad, but typical as I had seen the same thing happen when my own father died.

A few years later, I met my good friend Rex Church at the H.P. Lovecraft film festival. I had seen Rex in the "Speak of the Devil" documentary and knew of his place in the Church of Satan. Well, we sat for hours talking about Lovecraft's works and a lot of other things, but never Satanism. I realized I liked this guy whether he was a Satanist or not.

Through Rex, I met other great folks such as the Gilmore's, the Lang's and many others who were members of the Church of Satan. The last thing any of us spoke of was Satanism. There was no need to as there were so many other common interests. As with Rex Church, I knew I would be friends with these people whether they were Satanists or not.

For personal reasons of my own, I decided to support the organization known as the Church of Satan and became a member. As the years went by, real life accomplishments were acknowledged by the Council of Nine, and I was inducted into the hierarchy. Peter Gilmore and Peggy Nadramia, who were personally chosen by Anton LaVey and Blanche Barton to keep the Church of Satan running like a well oiled machine, were kind enough to give my better half Heather and I the privilege of speaking in public on behalf of the Church of Satan based on our accomplishments, a complete understanding of the philosophy of the Church of Satan and the fact that we both were well spoken and comported ourselves like the professional people that we are.

Many times we have acted in this capacity via television and radio interviews on the History Channel, Fox News, countless independent documentaries and print interviews, all with the full seal of approval from the Church of Satan. We also produced the official Church of Satan 666 Satanic High Mass, which was the only public ritual held in over 40 years, to a sold out crowd.

One thing I have noticed in these media appearances is that the moment we say that we don't worship the devil, you can actually see the disappointment in the interviewers faces. The truth is often unwanted and not considered "sensational" enough. So, as is often the case, footage is intercut in many of these shows which show examples of "evil" such as Hitler, Charles Manson, the Night Stalker or gibbering and drooling metal bands.

These things have absolutely nothing to do with Satanism, yet producers are only concerned with giving an impression of insanity or criminal behavior.

If I wanted to, I could easily strip down naked, stomp and snort like I was possessed and flash the sign of the horns to show what a "real Satanist" is.

Who I am as a person is a hard working father of three who is making an honest living, pays his taxes and indulges himself whenever possible to simply be happy. I also happen to agree with Anton LaVey's philosophy and am here to attest that his system of ritual does indeed yield tangible results if one really and truly wishes to make it so in real life.

Regarding Anton LaVey's descendants and their claims to be heirs to the throne, well, you'll get different answers from different people.

Karla LaVey, who I have never met, has a website that claims to continue the philosophy of her father, yet the website seems to be largely out of date and devoid of updates. The only thing I ever see on there is that she sometimes gets a small club rock show together and attempts to pass it off as some kind of Satanic happening. Take it from me, it's not. It's just another club event that has nothing whatsoever to do with Anton LaVey or the Church of Satan.

Zeena LaVey, who you all know about, lives in Berlin with her husband Nikolas Schreck and run a website pushing their brand of "left hand path" thought called The Storm. Cursory reading reveals that it is Set worship with an Egyptian flavor. I met both of these folks while they had a store in Hollywood and got along fine with them, having known nothing of the schism with Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan. As I found out much later what had happened between them, I figured it was none of my business and most of you should realize that it's none of yours either, just another example of families that can't get along. Nikolas and Zeena were active in the late eighties in representing the Church of Satan, but officially parted company a few years later for reasons documented elsewhere.

Stanton LaVey is Anton LaVey's grandson and seems to largely exist as an entity on MySpace. Having met Stanton briefly at a Fangoria convention, I got along fine with him too and shortly thereafter, for reasons of his own, decided to proclaim himself as heir apparent to the legacy of his grandfather Anton LaVey and completely trash the Church of Satan, putting stories out there that simply were not true.

The main thing that all the LaVey offspring seem to contend is that somehow the Church of Satan has nothing to do with what Anton LaVey originally set forth and that the Church of Satan is being run by people who "don't get it".

I can attest, based not on my close association with the intelligent people who do run it, but by common sense, is that I advise those who are interested and question to look at the facts.

If you want to know how the Church of Satan is being run these days, log onto the official website at www.churchofsatan.com and see for yourself. It's all there in plain English exactly as Anton LaVey put it forth with no hidden agendas or promoting anything but what is written in The Satanic Bible. It's the same organization that it was when Anton LaVey was alive and is run by capable, intelligent people who knew Anton LaVey and were personally chosen by him to keep his dream alive. This plan did not include his children or grandchildren for good reason, as is evidenced by their own weak attempts at "the LaVey legacy".

Now go find Karla or Stanton's websites or MySpace pages. See what they espouse or push.

Is it Anton LaVey's philosophy or club shows and ebay auctions? Do they encourage reason, logic and accountability by reading Anton LaVey's works or are they weakly claiming to be heirs to the throne amid cries of "Follow me!"?

Do they promote thoughtful and intelligent ways of perhaps enhancing your own creativity and accomplishments in the real world, or are they more interested in you throwing yourself at their feet based on their "Satanic celebrity" or "LaVey family name"?

Again, I'm just a guy who doesn't play games or pretend to be something I'm not. I don't wear black all the time to be a "real Satanist" nor do I think every day is Halloween. I also don't engage in MySpace clique-ishness, internet debates or name calling.

To be a real Satanist, I advise reading Anton LaVey's works and applying that thought to your own life if it suits you. If you wish to formally affiliate with a Satanic group, don't be duped by one of the many offshoots of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan or any other occult silliness.

Go straight to the source: www.churchofsatan.com


Rev. Moore