September 7th, 2006


Engineer Dies in Fall Into Shaft at Construction Site

Engineer Dies in Fall Into Shaft at Construction Site
Arthur Guadalupe Velasquez, 63, was dead by the time rescuers reached his body.
By Stuart Silverstein, Times Staff Writer, September 7, 2006

A West Covina engineer was killed Wednesday when he fell down a deep hole at a Duarte building site and was not discovered until workers returned after lunch and continued their digging.

The victim was declared dead before his body was recovered from the hole, authorities said. A family spokesman identified him as Arthur Guadalupe Velasquez, 63.

Los Angeles County Fire Capt. Mark Savage said the man apparently fell down the 45-foot hole when no one was looking and died at the bottom of the shaft.

Authorities said it was being dug as part of a sewer project for a new housing development.

The accident occurred at the base of a hilly area off Woodbluff Avenue, near Sunnydale Drive.

David Thies, a county fire battalion chief based in Covina, said Velasquez arrived to inspect the work while the driller was at lunch.

"When the auger operator got back he began working again and discovered that someone had been in the hole," Thies said. He said Velasquez was working for the RKA Consulting Group of Walnut.

County crews, including an urban search-and-rescue team, were sent to the site about 1:30 p.m., Savage said.

Velasquez was already dead when a paramedic reached him about 4 p.m. Savage said that before sending anyone down the shaft, officials wanted to make sure it was stable and that the air was breathable.

"We wanted to make sure [it wasn't] hazardous," he said. "We also started to pump good air into the hole as a precaution."

Savage said the rescue crew also used cameras to examine the hole before sending the paramedic down.

"When he got to the victim, it was obvious that he had died from his injuries," Savage said.

The Black Book of Shadows / Lex Talionis: Interesting to note that the area has been cursed since those events which occurred during a previous Noctuary relocation in Year XXX A.S., in which an unscrupulous and deceptive woman deemed to thieve some Draconian items, which have since been recollected and replaced. That land is cursed, and shall continue to be so. The area has been plagued by a series of misfortunes ever since. All that are unfortunate to ever reside there, best vacate.


North Hollywood shootout

[ The North Hollywood shootout]
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Demon of The Valley

I was reminded today of this incident which took place in My hometown of North Hollywood, California, on February 27th, XXX A.S. Witnessing the events transpire and recognizing those nooks and side streets brought forth a flood of evocations. Kittridge, Hamlin, Radford, Hinds, Ben, Agnes streets! I would frequently walk or bike ride down those streets after elementary school {Victory Blvd., Carpenter Ave.}, to go to the local record stores {there was "Licorice Pizza" (they would literally hand out free licorice, but no pizza; the name originates from an Abbott & Costello routine in which it is mentioned as an abbreviation for "LP"; this store was eventually transferred to 'Sam Goody'); "Auditory Odyssey"? (which had quite a 'dark feel' about it, both aesthetically as well as containing many records mainstream shops refused to stock), and featured a rather diabolical nude woman riding a black horse, a-la Damballa)}.

The Toystore up the street on Laurel Canyon Drive {at which I was once employed as a part-time flyer-distributor as a Dracling; in return the owner would give Me a choice to pick from the toys therein, or cash}, the UA Theatre a bit beyond that {I actually recognized a few so-called "celebrities" attending there on a regular basis, although I tend to grant more importance on the characters they portray than the actors themselves, considering they are far more interesting}, with the nearby clock tower chiming Big Ben's theme, the ice cream shoppe across the street {"a triple-decker of Vanilla, Strawberry, and Rocky Road, please!"}.

Acquaintances and I would sometimes go over to Laurel Plaza and watch the girls figure skating at the ice rink; the park the next block over which seemed to have a "haunted" section which was accessible by traveling through an always dark tunnel {Hellmouth} to the other side where no one ever seemed to venture - overgrown with bushes and foliage, although I took a liking to it the minute I heard the sordid tales of ghosts, murders, and other questionable mysteries awaiting there. It actually became quite a peaceful refuge.

So watching the area become a veritable battle ground was actually rather amusing, as I recognized certain spots as the cameras panned about. A most interesting spectacle. ∞