July 28th, 2006


Stripper's home 'cult-like'

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Stripper's home 'cult-like'
Thursday, July 27, 2006
By WAYNE PARRY, Associated Press

An exotic dancer who kept a collection of human body parts in her home skipped a court appearance Wednesday and was being sought by police in what was only the latest bizarre twist involving occupants of the house.

Linda Kay, 31, of South Plainfield faces charges of illegally possessing human remains and failing to show up for court.

Her roommate, Sean McDonough, faces charges that he held guns and knives to the head and stomach of a former roommate, threatening to gut her.

Andrea Leipow, who said she lived with pair about two months, termed Kay and McDonough "lunatics."

"It's kind of a cult-like environment," the 25-year-old Leipow said. "I do not know what word to use to describe it."

The two exotic dancers living there, Kay and Polina Nikulina, 26, along with McDonough, would sit around and listen to CDs of speeches given by the now-dead founder of the Church of Satan, Anton Levay, Leipow said.

McDonough's called the allegations of Satanism "absolute nonsense."

She said the picture being painted of her brother, Kay and Nikulina is completely false.

"They are all sweet kids," the woman said. "All very, very sweet people who genuinely go out of their way to help you."

On April 28, McDonough held her down on the floor for more than five hours, pointing a knife to neck and an unloaded shotgun at her head, eventually pulling the trigger, according to court documents.

At one point, he threatened to sever her jugular vein and held a 6-inch switchblade to her neck and to her stomach, musing that perhaps "he should cut her open," according to court documents.

He is awaiting trial in state Superior Court on those charges, which include making terroristic threats and weapons offenses. There was no answer at the house he shares with Kay on Wednesday.

Kay was charged last week after someone called police and reported that McDonough was suicidal and threatening to kill himself with a hammer. When police arrived, he was not there, but Kay was home. Officers who looked around the house found six human skulls and a severed human hand preserved in a jar of formaldehyde in her bedroom.

Friends said she called the hand "Freddy."

Police were looking for the Goth woman who dances at the Hott 22 nude bar in Union under the stage name "Zilla."

"I told the judge I was trying to locate her," attorney Donald DeGioia said Wednesday. "She looks forward to her day in court."

He said he did not know why Kay had skipped Wednesday's court date. As a result, municipal court judge John Leonard revoked Kay's $100,000 bail, issued an arrest warrant for failure to appear, and set a new $100,000 bail on the new charge.

"We'll actively look for her," said Police Chief John Ferraro. "She'll be placed under arrest and brought to police headquarters."

Leipow, Kay's former roommate, said the hand was a gift from a medical student who liked her dancing. Kay's mother told The Star-Ledger of Newark she believed the skulls were bought from a mail order catalog.

"We're currently trying to determine who the skulls and hand belong to," Ferraro said. The body parts were taken to the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office for examination and forensic testing.

Ferraro said police had been called to the house with the overgrown front yard weeds and a gargoyle-garded door several times before on noise violations and other complaints.

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How you have escaped from the jaws of oblivion!
The gaping maw before you
You stared into the face of The Abyss
And lived to tell the tale through your existence

To him, you opened up the gate
Unto the labyrinthe below
Where still in shadows he lurks
Partaking in an endless feast

How feared thine own countenance
Dreaded by the populace
Spawned of nightmare's thrall
Bane of mortals, tooth and claw
Spectral image aglow at dusk
Your erubescent eyes
Filled with hunger and with life

Unexpected origin
Welcomed nonetheless
Evocation's symmetry
Memory's immortality

One of two, you stayed the course
Remained a vibrant rodent force
The other met a grisly fate
Intraspecies excarnate

Then came the garish curse
The blinding light of plight
An affliction upon life
So you left rather than suffer its misery
Into the cool of the black earth
Where thine flesh gives rebirth

Acrossed in pentagonal grace
Forever here shall you have a place
And in the recesses of my brain
And those who knew your precious presence

Even underneath the tree
The roots become a part of thee
At one with leaf and bark and branch
Begins again, the vital dance!

You lived your life in luxury
Yet remained a solitary soul
Pale as powder, soft as velvet
Ever loved, and ever cherished