July 23rd, 2006


Leviathan beckons...

Greater Magic: The Black Book of Shadows

Leviathan beckons...

At the request of a client who necessitated to be delivered from the clutches of a terribly abusive partner, while travelling over a bridge of the Susquehanna river in Pennsylvania, she plunged into its depths, car and all. The aproximate time had been figured when she would be crossing that bridge, so "The Death Walk" {see Dracomeroth} was enacted and intense visualization employed to direct the steering wheel over the side. There was actually a news report which showed a woman being extracted from the river, and since then, she decided to completely change her life around and attitude towards her mate and children.

Prior to this climax, she was "softened up" by nocturnal visitations from vampiric projections created and nurtured by this Warlock. I was sent certain 'relics' to establish a more personal connection with the target, an effigie was constructed, and placed upon a cross, which is the universal symbol of death.

After this incident, there has not been a problem since, and he has happily gone on with his life.

I had been particularly moved by this request primarily because of the children being subjected to these tyrranical rants, physical and mental abuses, sometimes drawing blood from them for the pettiest of reasons. I normally may have told the individual to take care of the problem legally {which is usually used in conjunction}, but it would have been largely ineffective in this case, because of certain connections and a black mail-type of situation. This working was conducted to gain the upper hand.

On a side note, heavy rains have been plagueing this area relentlessly, recently causing massive flooding, a few deaths, and destruction.

The dynamics of a Curse include either total annihilation or rehabilitation - luckily for the recipient, it was the latter. Again, now that the working has gone full circle, I feel it is appropriate to relate the incidents now.


Thinkers & Doers...

Nucleus of The Imagination

There are thinkers and doers. The thinkers get the doers to manufacture their creations. If the thinker only thinks and does nothing about it, it remains a thought and the dream is unfulfilled. The doer needs the thinker to provide a purpose. If there is no purpose, the doer continues seeking a purpose, and acts in a series of rudimentary actions which remains of little purpose except for his own survival, and that which is to provide the thinker with materialization.

Then there is the thinker-doer. He who brings the thought into realization, where the dream becomes reality by his own brain and body. He takes the role of both parties and therefore is a self-contained paradigm.

There are times when the dream becomes so large where the thinker-doer accesses the aid of other thinkers and doers to manifest his creation, and he therefore remains the nucleus of the dream, the origin of the thought, and is magnified in accordance with its proliferation. The brain-child achieves maturity, is the foundation of a new reality, and thus, evolution is prospered.

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Son of The Devil

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Son of The Devil


Vlad Tepes

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Son of The Devil



Vlad The Impaler

I Am pleased to have received this wonderfully arcane keychain from a member of OBD a few nights ago, from his travels in Romania, who has now returned to his native Germany. I also received a beautiful postcard with that classic painting of Vlad Tepes on the front a few months ago, and it is greatly appreciated. Hail The Impaler!

~ D.

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