July 20th, 2006



S c a n n e r s
{XVI A.S. Directed by David Cronenberg. Starring Michael Ironside, Jennifer O' Neill, Stephen Lack, Patrick McGoohan}

A top secret government program is installed to develop the psychic powers of a certain breed of special individuals known in the underground as 'scanners', who can be used for espionage as well as super-human weapons; yet there is a rift even here between them. The most potent of these scanners named "Darryl Revok' {Michael Ironside, here displayed with a scar on his forehead where his 'third eye' would be, self-inflicted in an attempt to keep 'the people' out, during his formative development} seeks world domination, and is fully aware of the artificially pharmaceutical origins of these elite mind gods. After forming his own organization, he searches decades for his long-lost younger brother Cameron Vale, whom Revok finally locates in the custody of a Dr. Paul Ruth {"father"}, after being discovered as a vagrant whose powers were spurious at best. With the help of Dr. Ruth, Vale begins developing his abilities to a razor's edge and soon comes into his own meeting with other scanners to find an understanding for his condition.

These scanners are stalked by Revok's goons who dispatch every one they see, so that Revok may finally build that society in which he is lord of all. Vale meets Kim Obrist {Jennifer O' Neill}, and they fall in love by mutual survival. He meets artist Trevellyan who deals with his scanners talents through his wonderfully dark art, but is assassinated - here, Vale defends himself in a most magnificent scene.

Revok and Cameron finally meet in a covert meeting arranged through subterfuge, and even though Revok reveals the truth of those who would keep he and his brother as veritable mind slaves, a psychic war ensues between them which ends in a very surprising manner.

Key scenes include Revok impressively dispatching a scanner at a paranormal convention, in which his victim's head literally explodes. Revok forcing a company enforcer to kill all his accomplices, then comitting suicide so Revok may continue his goal of world domination. And of course the concluding scene in which the two prime scanners battle with an optimum and extreme intensity so as to be awe-inspiring.

I Am reminded of certain independent as well as officially-funded programs underway experimenting with what is now referred to as 'remote viewing' {telepathy & clairevoyance}, actually employed by governments for special military intelligence purposes, by which this film may have been inspired.

To those interested in developing these types of mental abilities {which are largely comprised of that occult 90% of the brain}, just keep practicing, and like exercising the body, there will be steady progress by visualization and sheer force of will, which will lead to greater and greater results. Patience and perserverence are key elements.


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