July 4th, 2006



Black Heart Poetry

L u c i f e r
Draconis Blackthorne

Lucifer: Morning Star by Belial 9Lucifer, Morning Star
Shining bright in the eastern sky!
Alight the night with thine hellfire
To spark the black flame of reason in the minds of men!

Thine emminence burns in My breast
An earthward bolt from the storm of revolution
By rolling thunder, speaks the liberator!
To ignite the blaze of evolution
As above, so below!

Show thy face, dark angel sublime
With sword and flame, heptagonal name
Broken, the chains of unreason!
Awakened, the dawn of a new season!

Lucifer, Morning Star, how thou hast risen!
In glorious fanfare, in tumultuous aplomb
To frame the throne of the Darkest God
By bliss and terror, beauty and pleasure
Thine visage appears as reflection divine!

United Satanic America

In the spirit of rebellion which leads to independence, and to mark this grand day of the rememberance of the liberation of United Satanic America by Our founding Devil-Fathers, is this ode to the first prideful rebel in the form of Lucifer, The Satanic Angel of Enlightenment and all He represents!

Hail Lucifer! Hail United Satanic America! Hail Satan!

Note: In regards to the poem, just so that there may be no misunderstanding, the terms "archetype", "symbolic", and "arcane" apply here.

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Out There Radio

Episode 25 entitled "Hail Satan!" is now available for download! Features Magus Gilmore in a pleasantly thoughtful exchange with the hosts.

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