June 11th, 2006


'Night Stalker' Wants Death Sentence Overturned

'Night Stalker' Wants Death Sentence Overturned
POSTED: 7:34 pm PDT June 6, 2006

LOS ANGELES -- Lawyers for convicted serial killer Richard Ramirez, who left satanic symbols at murder scenes and forced victims to "swear to Satan," has asked the California Supreme Court to overturn his death sentence.

Authorities said it's a coincidence the hearing for Ramirez, called the "Night Stalker," was held on 6/6/06.

The numbers 666 have long represented evil or "the sign of the beast," based on the Bible.

Ramirez's lawyers said he wasn't properly defended at trial. Historically, judges have intervened when court-appointed attorneys failed to adequately represent defendants.

Ramirez was sentenced to death in 1989 for 13 murders and is on death row at San Quentin.


Hell: The Devil's Domain tonight!

Tonight on The History Channel at Midnight PST {check your local listings}:

"Our in-depth history of Hades begins with the story of a negative near-death experience, in which a man thinks he went to Hell after being declared clinically dead and before resuscitation. Following Lucifer's trail from cave paintings in France circa 6,000 BC tocurrent portrayals in popular culture, our 2-hour exploration shows how Hell and the Devil remain powerful forces--at a church in Texas, where souls are delivered from Satan's grip; in talks with a survivor of the 1980s recovered memory craze, who "recalled" attending Witches' Sabbaths that practiced cannibalism; and at the modern Church of Satan. We review literary landmarks that expanded our ideas of the Underworld, from Dante's Inferno and Milton's Paradise Lost to Mark Twain's anti-hero, and trace development of Christian, Moslem, Jewish, and Buddhist conceptions of the afterlife."

The Church of Satan segment entitled "Friends of The Devil" features Magus Gilmore and Reverend Moore.

* Spechtreum review.

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