June 8th, 2006


Sintennial Eve at Zen Sushi

The Black Earth

Zen Sushi, 6/5/06, Hell-A, Kali-fornia

RFS Sintennial EveI arrived at approximately 7pm and we took our seats at a pleasantly darkened corner of the establishment ordering the best on the menu {the salad was so fresh one could actually taste the chlorophyll and sap in the stems! - delicious! It seemed that for some reason, there was only one waiter in attendence, so the poor fellow was zipping back and forth at a frantic pace handling multiple orders, yet still managed to remain polite and attentive nonetheless. The wood fire beef was scrumptious, and the egg rolls, absolutely delectable}, and we conversed on the events of the night.

Greeting guests at the door was the lovely Amy Bugbee - I received a complimentary "gift bag" upon entering, containing among other goodies, the "666 RFS Birthday spectacular" CD, featuring several bands from various genres who have been present on the RFS broadcast, as well as a DVD entitled "Cannibalism: The Last Supper" by Extreme Associates - a compendium of bloody erotica catering to certain violent fetishes; "Might Is Right" by Ragnar Redbeard with a forward by Dr. LaVey and an afterword by Magus Gilmore {a treasure}; Baphomet shot glasses, The Omen poster, and an RFS poster; and in attractive spiderweb wrapping, a Femaledictions sample pack containing their wonderful incense, "The Cricket Snapper" DVD, and referrals to Coffin Rust, Satanimals, and Thee Basket Boutique, among others, all of which will compliment The Noctuary quite nicely. My thanks to Scara for these olfactory treats!

I had primarily been interested in Leyba's performance and Jack Malebranche's serial killer art arraying the walls of the place - impressively rendered black velvet paintings of some of the most notorious multiple murderers in history including 'The Night Stalker' Richard Ramirez, Ed Gein {whom the film "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" was based}, Otis Toole, and John Wayne "The Killer Clown" Gacy. They really helped set up the mood for this nefarious celebration. I briefly conversed with Mr. Malebranche in the patio area about his various projects as well as his collaboration with former Marilyn Manson member Gidget Gein, who recognized Jack's talent and placed his full support behind him. I second the motion.

Upstairs, Leyba appeared on stage a bit after midnight, with a scathing misanthropic diatribe accompanied by sonic reverberations enhancing the intensity from his veritable 'hell-mouth". With his trademark cutting and blood-letting, he vented on follower mentality, hypocrisy, consumer society, and cultist attitudes. On a side note, the floor was a bit slick from remnants of the RFS birthday cake, and the scent of rubbing alcohol wafted through the sultry air, creating a surreal atmosphere akin to sin, debauchery, and vice, considering the earlier suspension acts, piercing spectacles, a bondage and whipping act, and undulating "zombie girls" covered in gore - sex and Satan made for an evening of beastly delights. ∞

Draconis Blackthorne {r} & Shane Bugbee {l} at Zen Sushi in Hell-A, 6/5/0666

My special thanks also to Mr. Shane Bugbee for putting this event together - an all-around fun guy and proprietor of the bizarre.