April 11th, 2006


Le'rue Delashay: The Revelations of Wave & Form

Malefik Musick
The Revelations of Wave & Form
Le'rue Delashay
The Revelations of Wave & Form

It seems so appropriate that this CD arrives at The Noctuary upon the anniversary of the nativity of Magus LaVey.

Orchestral bliss, forboding, inspiring, empowering, each peice creates an intensely evocative and psychodramatic mood to enhance one's total environment and ritual activities. Besides the haunting embience, this opus also contains a certain martial feel on a couple of selections, even inclusive of accentuating horse and sword sounds {He Rides Through Hallow's Eve}.

Among the treats, besides Magus LaVey's black anthem 'Battle Hymn of The Apocalypse', Beethoven's Sonata "Pathetique" also graces this opus, which was quite a delighful surprise as well, and 'Once Upon A Midnight Dreary' is a most fitting tribute to Edgar Allen Poe's pleasantly macabre poem. And for those who were not previously familiar with it, "Manifesting The Sorcerer's Lore" originally within Delashay's other project "Theatre of The Macabre" by the same name, is enhanced herein also.

Included on the CD is the musickal video accompaniment for Delashay's rendition of 'Battle Hymn of The Apocalypse', a profoundly inspiring homage produced by Magister Paradise, starring Delashay, Bill M, and Colonel Akula, who demonstrate the over-the-hip flip, as well as The Four-Crown Princes of Hell represented by the elements, and the striking statue of Magus LaVey created by Warlock Moore, displayed in the impressively replicated concrete jungle.

As mentioned in the splendidly ornate booklet, we can look forward to many more marvellous orchestrations, including an opera "Diablerie", and subsequent Magical compositions created especially for Ritual Chamber meditation.

The Revelations of Wave & Form is another musickal victory for Malefik Meistro Delashay.



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    Le'Rue Delashay: The Revelations of Wave & Form
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Happy Birthday, Doctor LaVey

Thou, Daemon Szandor, conjured the hellfires within and cast them across the face of the black earth. Thine immortal legend eternally remembered, thine influence perpetually felt, you made your devil's mark upon the world, and as a living Satan, inspired others of our kind to persue their own kingdoms. And for this, I Am grateful, as the adamantine gates were flung open and the full Forces of Darkness were unleashed, planting the seed of self-realization. You are not forgotten, and your legacy shall be propagated to the fullest, Immortal Legend!

Hail Szandor! Hail Satan!

* The Black Pope