April 2nd, 2006

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The Devil's Diary IX

The Devil's Diary

REMINDER: Deadline for Issue 9 is April 11, XLI. Essays, fiction, interviews, adventures, art, photography, poetry, multimedia reviews, Lesser and Greater Magical experiments are being accepted. Please send submissions and orders to the Editor-In-Chief.

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"Rejecting The DaVinci Code"

Rejecting The DaVinci Code
Rejecting The DaVinci Code: Dracomeroth is mentioned on page 46 in this apocalyptic / conspiratorial book regarding the term "Draconian":
"Satanist groups therefore sometimes refer to themselves as draconian, that is, as following or worshipping the dragon. (5)"

5. Cf. Draconis Blackthorne, Dracomeroth: The Draconian Bible, www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/2669/DBooks.html; www.geocities.com/Paris/Bistro/1368/draconianchurch.html

Here is My definition: The term "Draconian" is defined in two parts: 1. Fierce; Strong; Wise./2. Of "The Dragon"; Of The Devil; Of Satan; Satanic.

Obviously, I personally have used the term "Draconian" to refer to a mode of thinking and acting when necessary, and is resonant with 'Lex Talionis'. although I Am not speaking for all Satanists. However, I do think the iconographic connection with The Dragon is appropriate.

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