March 29th, 2006



Spechtreum: Comedy

XXXIII A.S. Directed by Trey Parker. Starring Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Dian Bachar, Michael Dean Jacobs, Robin Lynn Raab, Ron Jeremy, Masao Maki, Chasi Lain, Julie Ashton

This movie is a riot. For those unaware of the work of Trey Parker and Matt Stone pre-Southpark, this has to be one of the most blasphemously satirical films they have created thusfar.

Orgazmo is a 'super hero' with the unlikely secret identity of a Mormon named "Joe Young" {Trey Parker}, who gets caught up in the sinemaerotica industry. Predictably at odds with himself, this persona becomes much more personal when Maxx Orbison {Michael Dean Jacobs}, a crooked Porn Director has his hoods abduct Young's fiance' Lisa {Robyn Lynn Raab} in order to blackmail him into continually portraying this character.

After a day of proselytizing, he and his cowardly partner arrive at a mansion where their unwanted imposition is met with a Bruce Lee style scene, wherein Young prevails as he displays surprising Martial Arts skill, to the delight of Orbison, who manipulates him with promises of expedient and copious payment into the starring role, so long as he does not have to actually have intercourse with the performers, to which a so-called "stunt cock" stand-in is employed. His sidekick "Choda Boy" {Dian Bachar; who wears a helmet displaying a flopping artificial appendage} invents a ray gun for Orgazmo which produces an instant orgasm in those effected, and the hilarity begins when they try it out on several unsuspecting people from Rabbis to old ladies.

Prompted by threats upon a friend "G-Fresh" {Masao Maki; a veritable 'Hip-Hop'-loving black man trapped in a Japanese man's body} from Orbison's goons, Joe Young sets out to actually become Orgazmo fighting crime, where they tussle with the mugs at a fetish club, until the eventual confrontation with Orbison himself back at the mansion to free Lisa from his clutches.

Contrary to previous desires to return to Utah and marry at the Mormon Temple, Joe and Lisa decide to remain in Los Angeles with Choda-Boy Ben to save it from its 'sinful ways', after quite literally receiving a 'thumbs-up' from an apparition of hippie Jesus, despite seemingly ignoring their "heavenly father's" wishes to avoid all initial involvement in the beginning, most dramatically diplayed with an earthquake.

Matt Stone plays "Dave the lighting guy", a mullet-sporting latent homosexual continuosly displaying Freudian slips and prefacing statemets with "I don't want to sound like a queer, but..."

Porn-troll Ron Jeremy predictably plays a minimal role as one of the performers, along with other established participants Chasi Lain and Julie Ashton, two airheaded and silicone-enriched bimbos.

Bonus features include "The Book of Orgazmo" detailing the evolution of this character, and discusses Parker's obscure "Cannibal The Musical" and "Timewarped" creations. Also included are interviews, behind-the-scenes featurettes, outtakes and bloopers, a "drunken commentary" of the film option, and a photo gallery.

Filled with puerile humor, Orgazmo allows Parker's comedic style full expression in this 'unrated version', and if so inclined, will inspire much maniacal laughter.