February 9th, 2006



{Contents: Four CD's, booklet, poster. case.}

When most people think of Black Metal, corpse-paint and church burning Norwegians come to mind these days, but Venom really originated something unique for that genre, laying down the foundation for many imitators and admirers alike.... yet Venom manages to remain in a class all its own. Truly, the fore-fathers of Black Metal, a term non-existent before their emergence, who at least entertainment-wise, have given The Devil His due.

I recently had the opportunity to pick this up the other day, as it virtually stood out at Me from the display - emblazoned with a Baphomet and reptilian logo, this band remains an evocation, calling to mind psychodramatic memories, splendid theatrics of a marvellous Dantean spectacle, and some of the heaviest musick to date.

While not actual Satanists, Venom has served to veritably "open the gate" for diabolical expression in the Metal arena, and the degree of their sinister stage show remains unmatched, even comparable to KISS presentations.

MMV contains two decades of infernal evilution. Rare remixes, out-takes, interviews, rare singles, and live performance recordings are herein. A collection of which a member of 'The Legions' would have had to have incrementally possessed from obscure as well as international sources. Much of which I have had in My own private collection in one form or another {mostly cassette studio and radio recordings, and vinyl}, now all pleasantly acquired on CD. I was also quite pleased to discover the "7 Dates of Hell" poster included {now framed}, along with a lavish 59-page booklet including an original introduction by Cronos, many informational tidbits, print interviews, numerous news clippings, flyers, album art work, and rare photographs.

Disc 1 contains outtakes, demos, bonus tracks, and singles from 'Welcome To Hell, 'Black Metal', and 'Possessed'. The entire 'At War With Satan' album comprises disc 2, some inclusions from 'From Hell to The Unknown', radio / TV spots, and a studio interview. Disc 3 contains a combination of bonus tracks, live material, and outtakes from 'Calm Before The Storm', 'Prime Evil', and 'Cast In Stone'. Along with this splendid compilation, Disc 4 contains recordings from the legendary Hammersmith Odeon concerts, thusfar only available on 'The 7 Dates of Hell' and 'Alive in '85' VHS tapes, and portions from the various 'Assault' series, now all available on one CD.

The CD's themselves feature impressive renderings of each character of this infernal trinity poised within the customized Baphomet, including a horned, demon-winged, fanged Cronos in hellish rictus.

Distinct from the core releases, MMV is essentially a complimentary musickal accumulation of all those singles, rare picture discs, outtakes, and live recordings which complete the "Venomist's" nefarious compendium.

Rating: 5/5.

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Excuse All The Blood...

Excuse All The Blood
Excuse All The Blood by Shea Garrity

A collection of misanthropic poetry from Church of Satan member Shea Garrity, accompanied by artistry and atavistic photography. My favorite poem herein is "Hello, Mr. Wizard" about Dr. LaVey, a four-part homage to The Black Pope. Mr. Garrity's use of double-entendre and metaphor is expertly hewn, escorting one towards many darkened paths, forgotten and isolated, attended by phantoms of the subconscious. Harsh truths, (anti)-social commentary, and gritty reality fills this tome of counter-culture thought by this modern-day bard.

"Talk to the hand... the hand talks back!"


It is rather amusing, that when one actually goes to the site, the introductory graphic seems to virtually "slap" the viewer.

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