February 3rd, 2006


Evidence Suggests Bentley Dabbled in Occult

Evidence Suggests Bentley Dabbled in Occult
Friday, February 03, 2006, 10:53:11 AM
By Josh Hinkle, KCRG-TV9 News

(Cedar Rapids - KCRG) -- There are strange questions about the man found guilty in the murder of Jeseta Gage. But evidence still lingers concerning Roger Bentley, suggesting ties to the occult. KCRG-TV9 News has proof that those ties go back more than a decade.

One piece of evidence that caught the victim's family off guard was the "Necromantic Ritual Book." Among other things, this book details the practice of using corpses to rause the spirit of the dead. The book was nothing new to Bentley; it's something he's had years to study.

A decade ago, Bentley was serving time as a sex offender at the Mount Pleasant Correctional Facility. He and another inmate filed a law suit against prison officials, alleging a violation of First Amendment and religious freedoms. Court documents show Bentley and the other man called themselves 'Luciferians', members of the 'Church of Satan'.

{WRONG. Members of The Church of Satan are Satanists, not so-called "Luciferians", which to Me, sounds like nothing more than some Jesus with horns variation. These people are obviously not connected with us in any way.}

Among other things, prison officials denied the pair four religious books. But one book, "The Necromantic Ritual Book," would follow Bentley for more than 10 years.

{There is nothing in that book which suggests murder. It is merely a primer to allow oneself to become more well-acquainted with this "Death Energy" Wendell writes of. It may be morbid, but it is not criminal. If a criminal happens to have such a book in his/her possession, the crime was committed in spite of, not because of, the text.}

On trial for the murder and kidnapping of 10-year-old Jetseta Gage, Bentley's attorney, Peter Persaud, presented the book as evidence. Police found a copy of the book at Bentley's home in Brandon. They also found Bentley and Jetseta's body inside an abandoned trailer in rural Johnson County.

Persaud told jurors his client was an occultist who happened to find the girl's body, and then perform a sex act on it. On the phone, Persaud said, his reason for mentioning the book was to suggest that Bentley was practicing necrophilia or sexual contact with a corpse.

The jury didn't buy it.

A decade ago, prison officials and a judge had reason to deny Bentley the book. The judge said its practices "have no place in a prison setting... they are also illegal."

In the chapter about necrophilia, the book's author, Leilah Wendell, even cautions its use, saying it's "at best illegal in many places," and "I emphasize the use of utmost caustion in this working."

{A very cheap and innaccurate attempt. It very plainly states on page 47, that it is strictly forbidden to engage in Necrophilia, and is in fact, considered the 'highest form of irreverence towards Death.'}

Bentley's attorney also brought up the occult when questioning the woman who first showed Bentley the abandoned trailer. She told the court that Bentley said he sensed three bodies on the property. It was a strange, if not bizarre tactic, one that did not persuade jurors in the end.

The jury found Bentley guilty of both the kidnapping and murder of Jetseta Gage.

Whatever the case, it should be stated that overall, this is an issue of cause and effect. "Do the crime, do the time", as it were. Whatever literary or artistic possessions which happen to be in the offender's property is not necessarily a real indication of their true practices.

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Colorado Music Teacher Defends Screening of Faust Video

Colorado Music Teacher Defends Screening of Faust Video
By Vivien Schweitzer , 03 Feb 2006

Tresa Waggoner, the Colorado music teacher whose attempts to introduce local children to opera drew a storm of criticism, has decided to take legal action after being forced to take administrative leave from the Bennett School.

As of January 30, following a meeting with school officials where she was told she "was not a good fit," she has been put on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. Waggoner told PlaybillArts today that she doesn't "want to be made the sacrificial lamb" and risk ruining her teaching career.

The controversy began after Waggoner, who teaches elementary, middle and high school students at the K-12 school in a small town about 25 miles east of Denver, tried to pique the curiosity of the first, second, and third graders in one of her classes about opera. She chose a video of Gounod's Faust (which she found on the classroom shelf) to teach the children about bass and tenor voices, the use of props, and "trouser roles" in opera.

The latter, she says, led to accusations that the married mother of two was a lesbian promoting homosexuality; the plot of Faust , where the title character sells his soul to the devil to recapture his youth, led to her being labeled a devil worshipper.

The uproar began about a week later, when Waggoner was contacted by a mother asking why her daughter had watched a video on the devil. Waggoner believes that the incident was a catalyst for parents to express their frustration about the school's December 9 annual concert. According to Waggoner, the parent said, "I don't understand why you wouldn't let the kids sing Christmas songs, but you'll show them a video on the devil." Ironically, Waggoner says, she had chosen a diverse repertoire for the concert in order to avoid offending the community's non-Christians.

Parents were given a copy of the video, but not told that their children had only been shown about ten minutes of it; they then "demanded nothing less than her termination," Waggoner said.

Waggoner is the liturgist for the Brighton Presbyterian church, which she attends weekly; the minister and congregation have defended her as a "woman of God." She added: "It's unbelievable that people think I'm a devil worshipper! But we are talking about very ignorant, conservative people. You say 'homosexual' and they are up in arms!"

Waggoner is particularly frustrated, she said, that the school didn't stand up to the minority of parents who demanded her dismissal, pointing out that only 11 out of 200 students had been pulled from her classes. She has received numerous letters and phone calls of support from teachers, students, and parents. Following the incident, however, scheduled performances by Opera Colorado at the school have been cancelled.

"I want fight for what's right," Waggoner said. "The biggest travesty is the childrens' education." When initially asked what they knew about the opera, she said, her students said, "fat women screaming," "people yelling in Viking hats," and "I hate it." After seeing the Faust video, "they got excited by opera, but now they associate it with a four letter word," Waggoner said.

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