January 10th, 2006


Legends From The Grave...

Arriving in the Hell-Post at The Haunted Noctuary this evening...

The Quintessentials
Legends From The Grave

The Quintessentials: Legends From The GraveArising from the fog-engulfed cemetery of horror movie fane, amongst demonic tikis bearing raging hellflames, emerge three ghoulish minstrels resurrecting past orthodoxies with an innovative slant to the left... watch out! It's The Quintessentials!

Satanic Punk at its finest, at times they seem to be a cobwebbed cross between The Misfits and The Ramones, with songs interspersed with clips from diabolically evocative films and sound effects, enriching eclectic songs about zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, dark erotica, and more.

Among the eighteen songs herein, I particularly enjoyed "Rosemary's Baby", "In My Dark World", and "Black Bramford". You can hear some of these tunes for yourself at their website!

The Quintessentials put the "fun" in funeral, and surely remain a veritable quintessential source of delightfully sinister entertainment.

Rating: 5/5.

I would also like to state My appreciation to Warlock Les Hernandez for My inclusion within the credits. Hail Satan!

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    The Quintessentials: Legends Form The Grave

Cane Swords

Recent acquisitions...

Skull Cane: Black metal sheath. Black & silver head with biomechanical Giger design.

Dragon Cane {Close-up}: Heavy silver metal head.

Dragon Cane {sword}: Smooth, sleek, and razor-sharp.