December 21st, 2005


Satan Claus

Black Heart Poetry:
Satan Claus
by Draconis Blackthorne

On the longest night of the year
Filled with joy and Solstice cheer
Hellflames aglow in the fireplace pit
Casts dancing spectres and faces and wit
Sights and sounds of evocative bane
Visions of devils and demons to stay

The rain and the snow, and the sleet and the hail
Wishes are whispered upon the ice gails
A Presence draws nearer, a lingering friend
A shadow reflection, through gates I did send

Eyes in wide wonder at the flickering light
When what to behold, what is in sight?
But a puff in the air which flashes midnight
There he stands proudly, in black and in red
Is Satan Claus smiling with horns, hooves, and fangs
A shiny black beard, He twirls with delight
With eyes of black coal, burning with might!

And what by The Baphomet's throne does he lay?
But carnal confections and philtres, what may
Gifts wrapped in opal, and ruby, and gem
To bring forth indulgence, and pleasure, and play

He uplifts the Cornu, echoing forth
With a "Hail Satan!" and "Happy Yuletide!"
Old Nick swirls his cloak into a Nine
In darkness He goes until the next time!


Winter Solstice XL


As the hellfires rage this night, and the icy grip of Winter spreads across the land, so may we recall the festivals of flesh from time immemoriam, which the children of darkness throughout the ages have celebrated. Amidst demonic laughter, may this night be spent in indulgent feast and drink, as the amber demoness in invoked in all of her forms, so The Gates are cast open!

And from frozen stalactite-laden wombs of the black earth, the beasts call up from the abyss, arising in sulphurous plumes, warming the flesh with the black flame of Satan! Come forth, this Solstice night, brothers and sisters from Hell, as the words are spoken and the names are called! Covering the heavens in tenebrious countenance, Lucifer casts His cloak across the expanse thereof, with darkness piercing through flesh and bone!

The Black Earth sleeps and shall rise again, in all resplendant beauty, bringing forth myriad forms of life to grace Belial again! And through this enchanting fog, the glow of the moon casts ghostly shadows, wonderful to behold.

Rege Satanas!

In the name of Satan,
Draconis Blackthorne
Warlock, Church of Satan.
Winter Solstice, XL Anno Satanas.
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Infernal Empire News 12/21

XII/XXI\XL: Solstice Message from the Magestri, Battle Hymn of The Apocalypse, Magus Gilmore essay update, stuporstition thwarted, and notable multimedia resources are cited.

Hail Satan!
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