December 17th, 2005


Loki's Laughter...

I peruse this humorous site from time to time for a laugh, but thought I would post these two images for obvious reasons:

Despite the "coffe" mis-spelling, I would probably drop in to this establishment for the novelty as well as for a cup of ice coffee.

What caught My attention was the fortuitous phone number.

These are not modified images, either. Such mis-spellings seem to be rampant throughout Japan, who tend to spell english words exactly how they themselves pronounce it, accent and all. And on a few of these pictures {especially in the 'adult engrish' section}, I Am sure certain business executives do this type of thing on purpose, and all to great entertainment!

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The Bible According to Dr. Seuss

The Kids In The Hall: The Bible According to Dr. Seuss.

Subtle biblical blasphemy from that well-enjoyed foppish Canadian troupe. Let us also recall the scene when 'The Devil' is watching television in Hell, when a show comes on, wherein he arises and states... "At last! A show that speaks to Me!" He also always seemed to be carrying an electric guitar, but who can forget those amusing memorable solos while surrounded by hellfire?