November 8th, 2005


Cause Opens for Religious Slain in "Satanic" Rite

Sister Maria Laura Mainetti Murdered by 3 Teen-age Girls

CHIAVENNA, Italy, NOV. 6, 2005 ( The cause of beatification has opened for Sister Maria Laura Mainetti, a 60-year-old religious murdered by three girls during a Satanic rite in 2000.

Bishop Alessandro Maggiolini of Como solemnly opened the process in Chiavenna on Oct. 23.

"After the time of sorrow and mourning, now is the moment of joy and light," said Monsignor Ambrogio Balatti, archpriest of Chiavenna San Lorenzo, as reported by the Italian newspaper Avvenire.

Sister Laura, as she was known, was stabbed 18 times on the night of June 6-7, 2000, after being taken to a dark alley by two 17-year-olds and a 16-year-old.

Monsignor Balatti said: "The three hapless girls could find no better excuse to attract Sister Laura, than to convince her that one of them was expecting a child, that she had been rejected by her family and boyfriend, and that she didn't know what to do or where to go.

"It makes me angry when they say that Sister Laura was naive. She took every precaution, but so did the girls. They were able to set up an astute and diabolic plan."

"Saw them lost"

"How could Sister Laura, whose birth cost her mother her life, who died a few days after her birth, refuse to help that young girl who said she was a mother?" the monsignor asked.

Sister Laura had "a special predilection for young people," whom she "considered the real poor of today: She saw them lost, without points of reference, exposed to the risk of the existential void."

Under interrogation, the accused said they killed the nun to "dispel the boredom of a life that was always the same in the small city," said Monsignor Balatti.

Officials soon learned that the trio initially wanted to sacrifice a priest in their Satanic rite -- and their first choice for a victim was Monsignor Balatti.

"At that time, interest in Satanism and occultism had become a fad," said the archpriest. "Even dress, music and some books contributed to the spread of such a tendency.

"Many young people followed more than anything out of a desire to call attention, to defy the rules. It found fertile ground in some because they were angry with God, perhaps because of personal problems, because of family troubles."

"Forgive them"

During the cause's opening ceremony, some of Sister Laura's thoughts were read out: "My life belongs to you, Jesus," "Lord, take also the little I have and the misery I am."

The killers themselves admitted that when she was dying, Sister Laura found the strength to pray for them, saying: "Lord, forgive them."

Bishop Maggiolini said: "I am certain that all this will reflect positively also on the three girls: Sister Laura's is a light that will help them grow and mature."

Sister Laura, who was baptized Teresina, was born in Colico, Italy, on Aug. 20, 1939. At the time of her death she was superior of the Community of Daughters of the Cross, in the Mary Immaculate Institute of Chiavenna.

A foundation and a series of charitable and pro-life services have been established in her memory. Several denominational centers in Italy and Africa have been named after the murdered religious.

* Source.

This was no "Satanic rite" - it was just pre-meditated murder perpetrated by a couple of bored girls with personal problems who may or may not have dabbled in the occult {note the story did not mention any proposed affiliation or particular fascination}. Not to mention this occurred in some alley way.

All the sincerely interested with their cognitive faculties intact, would have to do is read The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals to see what a Satanic ritual and ceremony is. Unfortunately, reporters utilize a devilish spin on a story will sell more copy, and frequently exagerrate the more potentially dramatic elements in a crime, capitalizing on such a trend to explain a motive. Unfortunately also, even legislators and police agencies have beLIEved such claims, their judgements tainted by urban legend. Most times originating from fictional horror movies, and paranoid chrisianically-based mythology.

Among other productive endeavors, a true Satanic rite is a most regal and omnipotent experience, serving to attain and celebrate worldly pleasures, an affirmation, an empowerment, and works to effect desirable changes according to one's will.


Local church target of vandals

Local church target of vandals

Greece police tell NEWS 10NBC vandals spray-painted graffiti on the walls of the Lake Shore Community Church. The images show swastikas, pictures of Satan, and anti-gay messages. This is not the first time for this church, the same thing happened in July. Now church leaders say they're going to have to spend more than $1,500 on surveillance cameras.

We spoke with Pastor Ray Lawrence who says the church is also a polling place for election night and the site of a blood drive this week. Unfortunately the graffiti will not be cleaned up in time for those events. “The thing that disturbs me the most is that it’s a wide variety of messages. I mean Satan’s temple is one thing, but then when you look at swastikas and fags that’s different. I just don't comprehend what it is,” Pastor Lawrence said.

Greece police say the damage will cost several thousand dollars to repair. If caught, the vandals could face felony charges.

* Source.

Obvious evidence that the vandals had absolutely no idea what the Hell they were doing. The vandalism is contradictory. Seems like just another drunken juvenile prank, done for their personal amusement and shock value. Yet vandalism is a crime, and will be prosecuted, with a punishment hopefully, with a reflective defacement.

Satanism sees no dividing lines between sexual preference, so long as mutual participation is indulged - it is essentially a non-issue. It has been the bloody white-light traditions who have perpetrated the most heinous crimes against those who followed their own natures, and actually burned homosexuals on the pyre upon wooden tinder called "faggots" - somehow, the name was applied to them.

The 'Swaztika' is an ancient symbol symbolizing "Buddha's Heart" {equivalent to the "sacred heart of Jesus"}, and is omnipresently found in Buddhist temples. The Grammadon, or Grammaton, is a quadram symbolizing any combination of four elements, directions, and winds. Obviously, Hitler emerged and used it to signify his Third Reich, originally using christianity as a means to an end, until eventually deifying himself as demi-god incarnate. Because of that infamous movement, western culture commonly associates it exclusively with Nazism.


Church man is a suspect in crucifixion case

Church man is a suspect in crucifixion case
November 07 2005 at 02:50AM
By Karen Breytenbach

A Kenyan missionary is to appear in the Paarl magistrate's court on Monday suspected of crucifying a Mormon church custodian on Halloween in an apparent "satanic" murder ritual.

Jacobs was found dead in a back room of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Klein Drakenstein, Paarl, on Monday night by his brother Ivor Jacobs and friend Godfrey Makapele.

Police believe the murder weapon was a garden fork. The word "Satun" was written on the floor, apparently in his blood.

"My brother's death was caused by his innate trust in people. He was such a gentle and loving person. And now we were all faced by pure evil. As a family we just hope that his death will be a wake-up call to this country ... that Satan is furious," Jacobs said on Sunday.

* Source.

Really, all this mis-spelling the simple word "Satan" which carries fathomless meanings, is getting tiresome. "Satun"? That's a change from the usual "Satin" {not as luxurious as silk, yet a reasonable facsimile thereof}, or the typo "Stan" {maybe Stan Lee?}, or the dyslexic "Santa" {what 'evils' lurk behind that deceptively diabolical red suit?} - after all, are we sure that he was not sacrificing this man to "Saturn", the 'god of agriculture'?

I do like the name "Drakenstein", though. A seeming 'cross' between Dracula and Frankenstein... what would happen if a vampire bit into Frankenstein, or a vampire and a Frankenstein's monster had children? Answer: Eddie Munster. Lily is Dracula's daughter, and Herman is pure German engineering.

On a serious note though, the man was a missionary {seemingly backsliding into heresy; 'devil-worship'}, the custodian worked at the church, and was probably a christian as well, as the death cult tend to hire their own. Apparently, they also murder their own. Probably over an ongoing arguement over some petty philosophical difference, though they are of the same type [read: blindlighters].

Prognosis: Merely in an effort to be 'shocking' and 'evil', the perpetrator will frequently scribble the name 'Satan', without having the slightest clue of what Satanism is, while the 'victim/s' will blame same, also with misconceived notions, or what they were spoon-fed by their mythology.