October 27th, 2005


Hallows Compendiam XL

Following are some links to essays and commentaries relating to Halloween:

* Halloween Dreams
Dark reflections upon this most pleasant time of the year.
* My treat, your trick!
Fiendishly alternative and lokian method to dispense with "trick or treat" delights...
* Some Halloween Suggestions
For the contemplation of those who have crossed into the realms of eternal darkness.
* Halloween Musick Recommendations
A tracklist of recommendations for your Halloween festivities.
* Halloween Squash Ideas
Alternative suggestions to bring 'Ol Jack back to life!
* Ghosts of Halloweens Past
Necroneiromantic recollections.
* Nightmares for Xmas
For those residing in such an environment, suggestions on what to do with some of that accumulating snow.
* Halloween
Poem. An Ode to Samhain.
* All Hallows Ev'n.

Additionally, I have provided My idea for a total environment attraction that will provide for a real fright!:

The Shadowmancy Room

From personal experience, I have found such superstitious materializations such as the black cat crossing one's path as omens of good tidings, and more often than not, I experience a spot of good fortune. This day also reminds Me of a room I constructed once I labelled, "The Shadowmancy Room", where I had positioned a ladder over and around the doorway, that any who entered would automatically have to walk under it; a black cat wandering about therein, and three cracked mirrors on each wall, a pentagram in the center of the room; and the crowning glory, a number 13 inscribed outside the doorway. All to test and reveal stuporstition in people, and it had a profound effect. Even though this was on Halloween, for even in the rest of the year no-one would venture near The Noctuary as it was, but even with the promise of sweets, it still seemed too daunting for the herd.

So this coming Halloween, if you are contemplating creating a Haunted House attraction, try it out. Construct a room with these specifications, that the trick or treaters may have to endure the dark psyche of their own shadow sides, that their greed and gluttony may be rewarded only by traversing this nightmarish dimension, with the candy resting in a bowl {or cauldron} in The Devil's hand only to be extracted by bending down and reaching unto His grasp.

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