October 25th, 2005


Left Hand - The Satanic Dice Game

Left Hand - The Satanic Dice Game
Game created and designed by Michael K. Silva.

Time to place some coffee on the pot, and your otherwise choice elixer, perhaps some of your dark orchestral favorites on the virtual vitrola, and lay out this game in a dimly lit room. Left Hand is a numerological game created by a Satanist, for Satanists, and includes five 6-sided die, each with its Magical designation, with a complete set of instructions and fifty score sheets. It takes at least two witches and/or warlocks to participate, but can take up to five to play {preferrably in pentagonal formation}. Players use their wicked wits to ultimately gain the highest score of 36,000 - whomever reaches it first, is the victor. The game allows the players to challenge eachother with the duality "2" die, as well as gain revenge via 'hexing' one another, decreasing their scores to get ahead - ye olde Lex Talionis principle applies here. Obviously, the more one plays, the better one gets in the craftiness and creativity of mutual bouts.

This game allows everyone present to survive and excel, without any such "good" vs. "evil" mythology, and stimulates both hemispheres of the cerebrum, making for overall pleasing entertainment.

My thanks to Mr. Silva for providing this complimentary edition.

This reminds Me of a card game I invented:

The Satan Card Game

OBJECTIVE: To draw a "9", "666", or "13" from a combination of any card suit.

Draws {Players take turns drawing cards}

* 9 - Player calls out {"I've got..."}"Satan!"
* 666 - Player calls out {"I've got an..."}"Antichrist!"
* 13 - Player calls out {"I've got a..."}"Thirteen!"

Note: Multiple combinations of these supercede single calls.

Card Suits

* Spades: Represents Satan.
* Diamonds: Represents Lucifer {reflective light}.
* Clubs: Represents Belial. Baseness of Earth.
* Hearts: Represents Leviathan. Emotional Core of Water.
* Ace: The Self.
* Joker: Loki; The Trickster.

[Optional: For King Diamond fans, The King of Diamonds will count as a double draw.]
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