October 20th, 2005


Lightning hits preacher after call to God

Lightning hits preacher after call to God
The service electrified the congregation

A congregation in the United States was left stunned when lightning struck a church moments after a visiting preacher asked God for a sign.

Church members in the town of Forest in the state of Ohio said the preacher had been emphasising the importance of penance when, in the course of his prayers, he called on the heavens above.

The lightning struck the steeple, then hit the preacher himself when it travelled through electrical wiring to his microphone.

Local authorities said he was not injured.

"It was awesome, just awesome," said church member Ronnie Cheney, who was among the congregation when the strike hit, told the Findlay Courier newspaper.

"You could hear the storm building outside... he just kept asking God what else he needed to say.

"He was asking for a sign and he got one."

Afterwards services resumed, however churchgoers realised after 20 minutes that the building was on fire and evacuated.

"It was kind of interesting hearing the preacher talk about what had happened," Forest Fire Chief Doug Hawkin admitted.

The fire was put out after three hours, but damage to the church is estimated at around $20,000.

* Source.

Anyone who has ever read Dr. LaVey's essay "God of the Assholes" will certainly realize this as more evidence to the positive.

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Halloween Musick Recommendations...

After some have inquired about what Musick I would recommend for Halloween festivities, I have compiled a short eclectic list here for consideration:

Songs dealing specifically with Halloween:

I. Satan Takes A Holiday, Satanis Theme by Anton Szandor LaVey: Satan Takes A Holiday.
II. Halloween by King Diamond: Fatal Portrait.
III. Halloween by Helloween: Keeper of The Seven Keys P. 1
IV. Halloween II by Samhain: November Coming Fire.
V. All Hallow's Eve by Type O Negative: World Coming Down.
VI. This Is Halloween by Danny Elfman: The Nightmare Before Christmas.
VII. Halloween Medley [Disc 2] by The Electric Hellfire Club: Empathy For The Devil.
VIII. Merry, Shhh, Creepy Halloween by Vic Mizzy {sung by the original cast}: Halloween With The Addams Family.
IX. Every Day Is Halloween by Ministry.

Also consider the haunting orchestral Music of Peter Gilmore, Le Rue Delashay, Midnight Syndicate, and Nox Arcana, as well as "Classics From The Crypt", which contains all those legendary mainstays.

* Also see My Listmania List which contains a more comprehensive list of recommendations.