October 19th, 2005


An amusing query...

I was contacted by the producer of "Friday Night with Greg Giraldo", which it turns out will be creating a sarcastic skit mocking a dating show called "elimidate" out of NYC, asking if I would like to participate in their Halloween episode, wherein some woman will be paired with a so-called 'vampire', 'witch', or 'werewolf', and a male model; to quote: "see what will happen". Being that I Am occupied on the west coast, he did ask Me to ask anyone in the New York area this week if someone would want to attend, perhaps to play one of the characters mentioned. He did ask, after all:

"It's for a new show called Friday Night with Greg Giraldo, and for our Halloween show we are doing our version of elimidate. A single lady will be going on a date with a vampire, witch (or werewolf) and a male model. It wouldnt be anything scripted just a real package to see what would happen. Unfortuantley, we are looking to shoot this week. If you know of anyone in NYC that may be interested, please let me know."

I will not list his phone number, so those interested I suppose could go to the link above to seek more information, or google the show name. If you want to participate and are in the New York area this week, email Me and I will forward him of your interest.

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Trances, satanic abuse--now a trial

Trances, satanic abuse--now a trial
Lititz woman says she was harmed by her psychiatrist's techniques in bizarre malpractice case here.
By Cindy Stauffer And Janet Kelley, Lancaster New Era
Published: Oct 19, 2005 1:13 PM EST

LANCASTER COUNTY, PA - It’s a scene straight out of the film “Rosemary’s Baby”: men in beast masks, candles flickering in dark cellars, chalices filled with blood and urine, rape by the devil and killing Satan’s baby by plunging a knife into its body.

For 10 years, this was the life a Lititz woman thought she was living, while being counseled by a psychiatrist who put her in a trance so she could recover memories of the satanic abuse in the varying guises of her nine multiple personalities.

The woman is suing the doctor for malpractice, saying he used questionable techniques that resulted in a terror-filled existence punctuated by frequent suicide attempts and trips to a psychiatric hospital.

Rose Gray is suing Dr. Stephen Powers, also of Lititz, in an unusual civil trial that began Tuesday and is expected to last about a week.

She is asking a jury to direct Powers to pay her for the damages she says she suffered at his hands, damages that were outlined in the opening day of her trial.

* Source.

The-rapists will finally get their come-uppance! Perhaps this may start a trend among other such so-called "survivors", and thus initiate a new term: "therapy survivors", who made it through the malpractice and mental abuse perpetuated by self-serving christian 'doctors' foistng their mythological perversions upon their gullible and 'trusting' clientele. It is certainly about time.

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The Devil In Metal: Venom MMV


(Press Release) The Ultimate Venom Box Set, MMV Available November 8th Through Sanctuary Records

Many bands have seemingly made a deal with the devil to mark their place in the annals of heavy metal history, but Venom was perhaps the first to outwardly flaunt such a pact and easily among the most influential. With their 1981 debut album “Welcome To Hell” and the ominous chant of, “Evil…In league with Satan!,” Venom declared war on the status quo, spit in the face of the very notion of common decency, and set the pace for what was to come in the world of extreme music. The British trio of alcohol-fueled, evil-minded wild men created a legacy unlike any other, coining the phrase “black metal” and influencing such juggernauts as Slayer and Metallica. Indeed, the very image of Cronos, Mantas and Abaddon, as well as the pentagrams and inverted crosses that adorned their album covers, helped bring an image and an attitude to heavy metal that is still poignant to this day. MMV is a long overdue, four disc testament to the legacy of Venom.

MMV is a trek into the past, featuring demos, outtakes, rarities, a radio interview and alternative versions of songs. Such impactful Venom classics as “Black Metal”, “In League With Satan”, “Live Like An Angel (Die Like A Devil)”, “Welcome To Hell”, “Bloodlust” and “Acid Queen” are all represented in fully re-mastered form. Also included is a full disc of material from the Assault album series. Re-mastered and assembled by Cronos himself, the four disc collection comes packaged in a 6”x12” box, emblazoned with Venom’s distinct logo and baphomet design. The box set includes a 60 page booklet and collector’s poster. MMV’s release comes at a very appropriate time: 2005 marks the 25th anniversary of Venom’s storied career. Any metal enthusiast should make room in their collection for this audio-history of a band that changed the face of metal forever.

* Source.

[Blabbermouth]: Castle Music has set a September 26 release date for a four-CD 25th anniversary box set from black metal pioneers VENOM, entitled "MMV".

"MMV" is the first ever fully comprehensive four-CD box set that traces the entire career of this seminal metal band.

Compiled and re-mastered by VENOM frontman Conrad "Cronos" Lant, the set features demos, outtakes, rare tracks and alternative versions including radio spots and an exclusive interview with Metro Radio from 1983. Also featured is a complete disc of live and re-recorded tracks from the rare and highly collectable "Assault" series of albums.

Aside from the music, the box set also contains an essay by Classic Rock and TotalRock Radio's Malcolm Dome and brand new Cronos artwork is included, alongside rare photos and images of memorabilia from his personal collection. A fully comprehensive discography and replica period poster complete the set, making it an absolutely essential purchase for fans of the genre-defining band.

* Hear samples at the Blabbermouth link above.

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