October 18th, 2005


Elemental Orchestra

The past 24 hours have been quite enchanting:

From Satan's Hollow, I positioned a chair to the South-West in the 5am hour, and had the pleasure to witness the natural phenomina of a partial lunar eclipse. Amidst drifting cumulous clouds, the full moon glowed as the shadow was cast into a perfect Halloween crescent - so-named a "Hunter's Moon", or "Blood Moon"; in this time, there were four remarkable formations: first, a demonic skull-like rictus developed, similar to the one {"The Face In The Clouds"} which appeared about a week from this direction before relocating here, except this one was not so amorphous and more defined with more detail; second, two areas opened exactly in a location on what would be a face, with the phosphorescent moonglow behind them cast the impression of glowing eyes; third, an amazing apparition wherein five small areas opened in almost perfect pentagonal positions again, glowing with the moon behind, and on either side, the clouds thinned in an elongated configuration to resemble wings, surprisingly likened the symbol of The Order of The Black Dragon; and fourth, what appeared to be one large slanted eye with a reptilian iris in its center, a veritable curved shard in its center.

A projection? Did the mind impress these images upon the storm? A series of pure coincidences? Seems unlikely. Or Satanic Synchronicities... some kind of acknowledged confirmation. Likely to be a combination of the first and the latter.

El Nino was truly remarkable with its ferocity, but this very active and eclectic arctic October tempest has yielded a wonderful myriad, the most multiple ingredients in one storm in memory. I enjoyed a splendid lightning display throughout the course of the night, with incredibly resonant thunderous reverberations, hail fell in the afternoon {some of which I actually kept in a plastic baggie mixed with some fall leaves}, and howling winds have also been a constant. True "haunted house" weather, and perfect for the season, the elemental orchestra, that is steadily becoming more frequent, which is an absolute pleasure.

So with the thunder, lightning, and gails, the sounds of wind-chimes echoing, I began sculpting My first piece in My 'Satanic Sculpture' project - a bust of Dr. LaVey, which shall be followed by several other manifestations in mind. Photographs shall be taken of each as they are completed.

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