October 14th, 2005


Some Halloween suggestions...

Another interesting option for Halloween could perhaps be dressing in a manner respective of someone who had died in that year, be it a celebrity, politician, religious figure, or even a relative or ancestor {recently departed or historical}, if so persuaded. Peruse the year's obituaries for some cues.

Devils, Witches, and Morticias {just look to Party City for an indication of some of the delightfully fetishistic costumes} are always a win, but for a fun option, consider some of the lately deceased: Off the top of My horns, I can think of hurricane victims {seaweed and/or alligators/crocodiles attached}, Pope John Paul {zombie pontiff, much the same as in 'life', except with an even more deathly appearence}, Don Adams {Get Smart}, Bob Denver {Gilligan}, James Doohan {Scotty}; Robert Moog, as well as others. Inclusive of donning the accoutrements of various inventions, characters, and even humorous objects associated with them. In the Unpop Art 'spirit', also consider donning the projected attire of some erstwhile societal stereotypes.

Side note: In an even farther effort, it is known that this is a most conducive time of year for necromantic workings, with the utilization of the ouija board and perhaps attending a seance. If you are so inclined, while in the mode of dress of this ancestor or an otherwise personage, operate these devices while in their contact, and prepare for a rush of altered consciousness when your mind is fully opened to their influence.

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