September 11th, 2005


The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything

How many recall seeing this film once upon a time, on a lazy milky-white afternoon or in the wee hours of the night, and just following the fantasy, wishing it was a possibility. I recall the film, which dealt with a man who inherited a golden pocket watch which had a note included, describing its amazing time-stopping power, and was in fact, the manner in which the wealthy uncle accumulated his riches, by activating the stopwatch, and being allowed an hour to do whatsoever one desires in that spanse. Well, he went about causing all sorts of mischief, including placing people in humorous positions, rearranging the clothing, and even unbuttoning a lady's bra at one point, which fell on cue at the beach. Walking about, partaking in pastries from various shops, walking out the front door with bagfuls of money from the local bank, etc. Yet the people and objects remained pliable and manipulatable. Imagine the possibilities...

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