September 10th, 2005


Surround Sound for concerts

Sudden idea earlier this evening: Surround Sound for concerts! I have not heard of this being done before. Inspired by the positioning of cameras at a concert, I began contemplating that there could be stands placed at strategic points either inside a concert hall, or even at outdoor events - two or three would be sufficient behind and perhaps beside the audience, transmitting the live performance through these speaker systems via Apple Garageband, DigiDesign ProTools, or Ableton Live. All to increase the sonic and multi-sensory experience.


Gone With The Wind...

Daemon Winds Take Their Due

"Leviathan has stirred, and Cthulhu has arisen to greet the stars..."

...And so the Gates of Hell were opened there from within The Devil's Triangle, unleashed the wrath of Leviathan's tide. The daemons have taken their sacrifice.

Bodies go floating down the river where there wasn't one before, surviving sheeple are packed into an arena where disease, crime, death, and famine fester, poisoning the waters as the herd are moved to other cities to seek shelter, and perhaps begin another life of consumerism to spread resources thin. Their wretched behaviour was to be expected, as the lower-man reverts to the absolute lowest denominator when left to their own devices - raping, looting, pillaging, not just items to survive, but criminals and actual drug addicts were committing these deeds.

There was plenty of warning beforehand that this was to occur in the short-term, where residents with an apparent suicidal death wish still deemed to remain, despite repeated warnings from officials to evacuate. Following their instincts of self-preservation, multitudes fled therefrom, heading for higher and distant ground. You can bet your Baphomet any Satanists residing in the area made the life-affirming decision to maintain comfort, peace of mind, and avoid misery.

In the long-term, it was initially a terrible idea to build on marshland in the first place, and it became known that this type of a disaster was a mere inevitability, and it would only be a matter of time before oblivion came crashing upon their doorsteps. Every year, storm after storm pounds upon their homes, yet they have weathered it out, and assumed that this would be yet another storm to pull through, even though the hurricane was measured at a category 5 - the highest ever in that area.

Consider the rednecks in "hurricane alley", who must realize that their shanty-town or trailer park will be blown away again soon, yet remain to 'maybe' survive and collect the insurance money {if they even are insured} - a cycle of distress which provides their meaningless existence with a bit of excitement to distract from the monotony of their miserable mediocrity. It seems to just be in the nature of many humans to be instinctual victims.

Nature follows it course. Every once in awhile, earthly shadow forces manifest to cleanse the environment, whether through lightning striking causing a forest fire, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and landslides, sometimes taking the stubborn and idiotic with it as part of the cleaning process. It seems that when there is overpopulation, Nature finds a way to even the scales. So if their kind are going to display a lack of forethought and comtemplation, then they should suffer the consequences of their actions, and lack thereof.

There is a reason certain places are "blighted spots", where it is wiser to just leave well enough alone for safety's sake, unless lethal misdirected masochistic indulgence takes precedence. The Lousiana Mayor as well as The President have stated that the city shall be rebuilt. Well, for the same reason it is better to not buld a home on sand, so it is with swampland, no matter the romantic notions they are allowing to eclipse their reasoning functions, as well as the expenditure spent on pumps and leveys. Instead of 'rebuilding' every time a strong tempest comes to town, it would be better to just pack up and leave, becoming a productive member of an established society elsewhere, instead of working from the ground up each and every single time, which is counter-productive at its core. Verily, "one step forward, two steps back."

I appreciate what New Orleans has contributed to carnality via Mardis Gras, and I know that this tradition shall continue, probably larger than ever before. This occurs in The French Quarter, which experienced some of the least amount of flooding due to Katrina, which is a damned good thing, considering it also contains NOLA's greatest concentration of artists, inclusive of The Museum of Death, a splendid establishment dedicated to the myriad manifestations of Azrael, commonly known as "The Grim Reaper", run by Leila Wendell, author of The Necromantic Ritual Book, a splendid introduction to the fine art of Necromancy. To clarify, this article concerns the rabble-types which exist in all cities.

Upon contemplating the death toll, I can only ask, one thousand? five thousand? is that all? In Louisiana, Katrina has thinned the herd, decimating dregs by the thousands - in Indonesia, thousands more were eliminated, and good riddance to bad rubbish! Food for alligators, crocodiles and hosts for a colony of diseases collected by mosquitoes to take out a few more. What about the children? They are only going to grow up to become more dregs. As to the racism card: as for Myself, that is irrelevant, for as far as I Am concerned, dregs of whatever coloration, just like different shades of excrement, are ultimately flushed in the same manner. Why do some people feel the compulsion to give to charities? Perhaps they themselves feel guilty for being alive. The money will only go to prolong the inevitable suffering that shall occur unto redundance - live to suffer another day. So Katrina accomplishes what it is illegal for other humans to do - genocide. And I thank her for it! I once knew a girl named Katrina, and she was also a total bitch. ∞

Hail Satan!

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