September 8th, 2005


Haunted Highway...

"This is the way great horror movies start!"

Took a drive down Cajalco Road this evening, very similar to Turnbull Canyon, Azusa Canyon, and Mulholland Drive, with its twists and turns and haunted history. The shadows of the night swallow the road and intensify the deeper you enter. A wooden cross adorns the roadside early on, signifying a death which occurred at that spot. Once in awhile, it seems as if figures dart across the road, and there is a prevailing feeling of malevolence in the surrounding wilderness. Passing Perris Lake, the moon glistens upon its surface as a phantasmic fog glows and floats above the black waters. The distant glow of windows from old houses concealed within twisted trees casting ghastly forms upon the sky, hold their secrets well.

And so, with the quiet sounds of abyssal echoes resonant, the lone phantom haunts the darkness between the worlds, gathering energy from the night itself.