August 2nd, 2005




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My treat, your trick!

Considering that it is now Halloween season, starting August 1st in My opinion, I have begun pondering adequate "tricks" to be dispensed as well as "treats" to those deserving of whichever one. I feel that if you impress Me with your costume, you deserve a prize, and will receive a most delectible one; but if your costume is some chintzy variation or worse yet, not even wearing a costume, in what basically amounts to pretentious begging, then you deserve a trick. Now, considering that we live in a society that does not condone certain extreme expressions, and taking into consideration one's peace of mind and self-preservation instincts, I have found an interesting option which is also quite a hoot.

You know those little packets of condiments that many just toss into the garbage? Why not keep those inctead and collect them in a special basket to be dispensed onto trick or treaters - to those who would deserve it, of course. Obnoxious and rude brats in particular. Just imagine the looks on their faces when they get back home and empty their bags onto the table and see a plethora of catsup, mustard, relish, mayonnaise, crackers, soy sauce, creamer, and lemon juice spilling forth. "Goblin Candy", as it were. But it is perfectly edible if they wish, sealed of course, and just hilarious.

These may also contain fun Halloween themes:

* Catsup: Blood.
* Mustard: Goblin drool.
* Mayonnaise: Ecto-plasm, eye juice, or pus.
* Relish: Gremlin barf or innard scrapings.
* Creamer: Ghost face.
* Soy sauce: Zombie bile.

So there is still enough time to save up all those little packets for distribution, if you happen to even be home on that enchanting night, that is.



The prestidigitator/illusionist 'Criss Angel' has recently come to My attention, and all hype and propaganda aside, I like his style. His stage performances are most impressive, with 'gothic' aesthetics and clever uses of lighting and costumes, like being within a veritable theatre of thrilling nightmares and enchanting dreams. Not since Penn & Teller and The Pendragons, has such a performer impressed Me for quite a long while, and his music is not that bad either. He pays homage to Houdini and is a credit to his profession; and we know that show-business is the realm of Satan.

I can't say much about his appearence on the street, looking more like a remnant from Motley Crue {particularly Tommy Lee}, but he fleeces and entertains the rubes well.

Also, I Am quite sure that he was strongly influenced by the film "Lord of Illusions", considering the illusionist character's show herein seems very much a replication of Angel's.