July 2nd, 2005


Trivial Pursuit and other such pettiness

Trivial Persuit, like MENSA* {which ironically translates to "stupid", or "moronic" in Spanish} is an illusion of intelligence, as well as a stratification device. I hold the opinion that the person who 'wins' at this game has far too much worthless information cluttering their brains, but may be forseeably useful in accumulating funds on such letharginator presentations like "Jeopardy". If the person actually gloats in this irrelevance, it is much more testament to their petty concerns, and is probably someone you should steer clear from in their pretentiousness, and would most likely take away from one's time. Such 'trivia' is foisted upon the player who may hold absolutely no interest in the subject put forth, so much so, that I do not see the point in playing this game at all, unless it involves money, which would then make it quite an interesting persuit. But by and large, it is a waste of time and effort which pertains to the mediocre concerns of the herd. Perhaps a 'satanic trivial persuit' would be much more pertinent, but then, it would not be so trivial.

As far as trivial games are concerned, I actually found "Goth" to be more entertaining, with subject matter more appropriate to the horror / music fantom, and much more, the Satanist would find of more interest. There are themed trivia games like for the Star Wars saga, Disney, and the various "pop" herd-culture ones, but are far too banal for personal participation. These seem to be programming reinforcement tools to enslave the masses that much more with dispensed pseudo-amusement and pre-chewed submental cud.

* I have actually met members of this organization, being that a former girlfriend was related to the local charter members, and from My experience, they have been some of the most recondite losers I ever had the displeasure of making acquaintance with. "Professional joiners" as Dr. LaVey would put it, with no real impact on existence as a whole.