June 14th, 2005


Imago Mortis

This CD arrives to The Noctuary compliments of Mistress Satanya:
Imago Mortis
Vida: The Play of Change

From Brazil emerges Imago Mortis {"Image of Death"}, which to Me sounds like a cross between Candlemass, Type O Negative, and Sepultura. Operatic, heavy, slow Power grinding at times, and in others, a faster pace similar to Iron Maiden. Themes range from the romantic to the tragic, the melancholy to the morbid. At times, one thinks one is listening to Messiah Marcolin's vocals, and in others, an almost Geoff Tate impression echoes in the chambre of the mind. I was particularly impressed by 'The Silent King', 'Unchained Promethius', and 'Long River'.

The aesthetic presentation of the CD is splendid, with a spectral collage blending into one another as if from the dark subconcious.

Piano solos, pathos-inducing ballads, haunting keyboards, sound effects to accentuate the storylines, all merge together as one, in a veritable eclectic opus of sonic gratification. If there is some sort of 'catagory' for Gothic-Metal-Classical compositions, Imago Mortis would fit perfectly.

Rating: 5/5.

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Belial wakes...

I was having an interesting conversation a couple of days ago about where one was during a particular earthquake. In California, a 5.6 occurred early yesterday on the 13th. For this past one, I was in bed with LB "talking". The one before that, I was actually recording "The Mask of Satan", and remember feeling the earth move beneath Me during a particularly eerie graveyard scene - it really added to the ambience! Prior to that, I was seated in the living room with a beloved, and actually "rode it", assuming a surfer's position as if on a board... quite silly, I know. But what was more remarkable about earthquakes, is that the herd seem to 'phase out' during these - they amble the streets either on foot or in vehicles, aimlessly driving or wandering around, as if in shock - veritable zombies - their mediocre routines shattered. I have always considered earthquakes 'fun', and cannot help but chuckle during one. Before that one, it actually did not occur here, but in San Francisco - I remember seeing the devistation on the news, and hoped that Dr. LaVey was well, which of course, he was. Before that, as a Dracling, I had just finished playing 'Tarzan', running about, pounding My chest, jumping from chair to couch to chair, and letting forth that wild cry - then I went for a nap, and it happened - it actually energized Me for further play! But probably the most mentionable one was when I was but an infant - like all the others, it occurred in the wee hours - it was much later related to Me that someone who had placed a series of saints on a table near My crib that very day, were knocked over and destroyed, crashing to the floor.

Then it got Me thinking about other extreme geological and weather conditions which seem to be appreciated by Satanists - I also enjoy extreme storms - strong wind, lightning, loud crashing and rolling thunder, thick fog, etc. For those reading this, I Am curious as to the correlations between these atmospheric manifestations and the Satanist - are they pleasurable for you as well? I have a feeling these are indeed appreciated by other Satanists.

* Update 6/14: I have learned a little while ago that there was a 7+ quake off the coast of Northern California, and there was even a warning of an impending Tsunami! Here, the weather is magnificent.

* Update 6/16: Yet another tremor which took place in the early afternoon this time. A sharp shake, then a nice graceful roll.